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Living in a college dorm room has many benefits, but having ample enough living space is not one of them. Most students in college dorms share rooms and struggle with storage space for their belongings. Moving in with too much stuff is just one of the things that creates this problem. If you just started college, you can be creative and maximize space in your dorm room in just a few simple steps. Simple cleaning hacks, a few storage solutions, and smart furniture design ideas are all you need. Take a look at some of the simplest ways to get more space in your dorm room.

Clean your dorm to maximize space

A clean space can look (and feel) a lot more spacious. If you don’t have the habit of cleaning and tidying up for yourself, now will be the chance to start doing it. First, your living space should be clean and tidy before you start thinking about maximizing the space. You can consider spring cleaning with your roommates and take a day off for this activity. Once your dorm room is clean, try to spot any unnecessary pieces of clothing, furniture, and daily accessories. You may find that many of those items only take space in the room and make it feel smaller. The fewer items you keep in the room – the more space you’ll have.

Install customizable furniture

If you feel like furniture in your dorm room takes up too much space, you can always replace it. Small pieces like coffee tables and desktops are easy to put away – all you need to do is contact a dorm janitor. Next, you can install customizable furniture pieces that will maximize space in your dorm room. Here are a few examples:

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  • Lift-top coffee table – can serve as additional storage for books and notes.
  • Foldable desktop – can be folded up against the wall.
  • Storage boxes – place them under the bed and get more space in your closet.
  • Floating shelves –can help you get more space for your books, notebooks, and accessories.

Use simple closet hacks to get more space

Dorm rooms usually have standard-size closets, which might not be big enough for all of your clothes. If this is the case, a few simple hacks can help maximize your dorm room space. You can create an additional rack for hanging clothes or store shoes in plastic containers instead of piling those up. This will be the best way to keep your living space organized and get enough room for your belongings.

Organize your books and files

Let’s be honest – books, notebooks, and notes are probably the most space-consuming things in your dorm room (unless it’s clothing). Regular drawers and shelves might not be enough to find enough space for it. This is why you should organize these items into categories and find the best spot for them. Instead of piling them up on the desktop, try organizing them into binders and folders. Even better, you can install a few shelves on the wall and keep the rest of the room clear of clutter.

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Once you move out of your parent’s home, you will not have your room just for yourself. Instead, you will have to create personal space while sharing a room with at least one other person. Your books, notes, and other personal items should not be all in one place, so sort them out and maximize space in your dorm room.

Divide your room into sections

Contrary to popular belief, additional furniture pieces can make a room look bigger rather than smaller. For example, you can divide a room with a tall bookshelf and create an illusion of two separate rooms. If you live with a roommate, separating the space will not only look better, but it will also provide more privacy for both of you. If you don’t want to invest in new furniture pieces, you can do this with a computer desk or a higher coffee table. Even a sofa bed (if you have one) can do the trick!

Use hidden corners for storage

When lacking space in any room, the first thing we think of is – additional storage. Decluttering after moving in and storing your belongings will probably be the first task to handle after getting into a dorm room. Since college dorm rooms don’t have space for additional cabinets, closets, and similar pieces, you can use other things to create more space in your room. For example, hidden corners are the best places for stacking plastic boxes to keep plenty of belongings.

bed with pillows on it.

If you have to move in with all of your off-season clothes, consider buying a few vacuum bags and packing your clothes into them. These items can be stored under the bed, which will maximize space in your dorm room.

Declutter before packing for college

Ultimately, we left the most obvious hack of them all – decluttering. The simplest way to make more room in your new living space is to move in with less stuff! Once you start your college life, you will probably buy new things and soon run out of space. To avoid this, you should pack only those items you think are necessary. While packing for college, you will not need to pack every desk lamp, photo album, and jewelry box you own. Instead, declutter your stuff and leave some of it behind. It will make living in a clean and tidy dorm room easier without too many things lying around. Dorm room life can feel crowded, but not if you organize your space correctly. Find out which items are your favorite and find the right place for them. With a few simple tricks and more storage space, you can create a spacious and comfortable area for you and your roommate and maximize space in your dorm room.

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