spring cleaning

Find out how to get the Spring cleaning done without being frowns McGee the entire time.

Spring cleaning is actually a time of excitement for some. For most of us though, it is a soul-sucking activity that we do not look forward to. Are you frowns McGee when it comes to this laborious annual task? Are you often tempted to live amongst trash rather than get the deep-cleaning done?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Even better, it doesn’t have to be this way. Sure, the spring cleaning won’t be the event of your year but with these tips, it could be the tiniest bit fun….

Get Your Friends Involved In Decluttering

Whether you do it in the garden, cheap self storage unit, over video call or anywhere else, decluttering with your friends is a lot of fun. There is no doubt they will want some of your stuff, which instantly reduces how much you have (as long as you don’t take anything of theirs in exchange!). When it comes to tricky decisions about getting rid of things, your friends can help push you to make those decisions, and get rid of even more stuff. For the stuff left behind without a home, there’s always your cheap self storage unit.

Follow Some Fun Youtube Cleaning Videos

There are loads of fun Youtube cleaning videos out there to follow, which can make cleaning into more of an experience, than a task. The key is to find a Youtube cleaning star or *cleanfluencer* you really like, and then get stuck into their tips. Here are some we like:

Pop On A Playlist

Is there anything some fun music can’t make better? Wiggle your bum, throw some two steps and get cleaning to your favourite ever songs. Just be sure to do it when the neighbours won’t be watching having a laugh. Alternatively, do it in full view of anybody and make them jealous of the absolutely banging cleaning party you’re having! Bet you’ll see them doing the same next week!

Do It In Bits

If you hate cleaning you will never spend a whole weekend doing up your home. Let’s be honest about it. If you are an avoider, try to break down your tasks into little chunks that are maybe followed by a little treat. You’re essentially training yourself to see that cleaning isn’t that bad in small snacklets and it equals a little treat. No you didn’t already see this kind of training on Caesar Millan Dog Whisperer…

Share It With Your Followers

Why not share your cleaning time with those you love on social media? If you have a few followers who would enjoy a live with you, why not pop it on whilst you’re doing some Spring Cleaning? At the very least you might inspire others to get some cleaning done too, and you can all be miserable about it together!

The tips above can help you to enjoy Spring Cleaning just a little bit more than before. Essentially, maybe it’s just slightly unbearable now, rather than unbearable, yay! It’s worth a try because it needs doing whether you hate it or love it, so if you can love it a little bit more, that’s only going to benefit you during this process.

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