Finding the perfect home in today’s frantic rental market can sometimes seem like an impossible task. It can quite often be a case of seeing a property come onto the rental market, viewing it immediately and snapping it up before someone else does. As long as the price, size and layout of a property work for you then you can make it your own over time. Of course, when it comes to rental properties you have to be careful about doing anything to the property that is not allowed in your contract. Plus, you should always get permission from the landlord if you want to do things like paint the walls to suit your taste. With that in mind, here are a few reversible changes; home décor hacks that are perfect for renters looking to change things up a little. 

Kitchen handles

If you really hate the handles on the kitchen cupboards and drawers then swap them for something that is more suited to your taste. As long as they attach in the same way, this is an easy swap that will not alter the fabric of the kitchen. Just remember to keep the old handles so you can replace them when you move out. 

Build a temporary splashback

You can add a real pop of colour to a rather basic kitchen with a temporary splashback. This can be done using plywood. It is also a great way to cover up an existing splashback you don’t like, and as a bonus, you can take it with you when you move. 

Swap the lighting fittings

Most rental properties come with the basics when it comes to lighting. These may be old but functional. Carefully swap an outdated light fitting for something that is more to your taste. Store the original light somewhere safe ready for when you move out. Bare bulb fittings can be improved with lampshades that are more to your aesthetic and can help to lift your mood.

Replace the shower curtain

In the bathroom, a new shower curtain and a few cleverly selected decorative touches can really change the look of the room. These are incredibly easy to reverse when you leave. 

Cover undesirable flooring

There isn’t much that you can do with flooring that is a little dated but large rugs can be a lifesaver and a great way of covering much of the space up. Carefully placed furniture will also help as well and the bonus is that not only are they easy to move but you can also take them with you to any property that you rent. 

Divide the space

If you are renting a small open plan apartment and would prefer something with more defined spaces,you can create a division of space without the need to add any walls. Tall storage units can make great room dividers that will really help you to break up the space and make it work for you. 


Thinking outside the box will help you to make simple, reversible changes to your rented accommodation and many of the changes you make are things that you can take with you from one property to another making them very cost effective.

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