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Find out the best ways to tell your parents that you are moving out of their house for the first time with these tips and tricks.

If your parents are very relaxed then you may not have any fear in telling them you plan to move out for the first time. However, if your parents are worriers then the task may be a little more challenging. Take a look at these useful tips to help you tell your parents about your move:

Be Absolutely Sure

You do not want to go through the process of telling your parents about moving out only to find out it is not actually able to happen. Make sure the people you are moving in with are trustworthy, ensure there is a house or flat lined up and basically, get all your ducks in a row.

Consider Having Some Moral Support

Are you close with your Auntie or Grandma? Could you tell them first and have them be with you when you tell your parents the news? It can make all the difference to have some moral support during a difficult conversation.

Be Ready To Explain Yourself

If you know your parents are worriers you need to have an answer to every question, even if your answer is ‘I don’t know, and I’m OK with that’. Don’t expect to just tell them the news and then walk away, that isn’t fair on anyone and it doesn’t mean anything is resolved. You don’t have to ‘defend’ yourself, but you should be open to explaining everything so that they know you know what you are doing.

Is It Forever?

It is important to clarify whether your move is forever, or if you plan to move back in. Your parents will want to know whether to keep your room ‘available’ or not. They may want to know where your things will go in the meantime, in which case you could simply look into the cheapest self storage you can find. Cheap self storage could be useful if you’re going on a gap year or an apprenticeship and your parents want the space in the meantime but do check storage prices to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Knowing you’ll have thought all of that through will give your parents reassurance this isn’t just a last minute decision.

Don’t Start The Conversation To ‘Win’

Humans are made of egos and it can be natural to go into a situation expecting a certain outcome, driving the conversation that way in order to ‘win’. However, that will not help anybody and may result in conflict. Instead, go into this chat with openness, honesty and with no real plan as to how the conversation will go. Listening to your parents feelings will help you understand how they feel, helping you navigate this situation sensitively.

Pick The Right Time

Pick the right time to have this conversation. Don’t just drop the news when your parents are stressed or in the middle of something. If they are very conservative you may also want to avoid dropping the news out in public. Choose a time without any time restrictions, when everyone is relaxed and feeling open to a conversation.

Telling your parents you plan to move out might seem daunting but when done in the right way, it enables them to understand you better and eventually, help you with this exciting step forward. Be sensitive, be prepared and choose the time you plan to chat wisely. Eventually, if you show them enough respect to discuss your plans with them, they will give you the respect you deserve and support you during this next stage of your life.

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