Read about the benefits of cheap self storage when you are looking to add to your family with a brand new fur baby.

Getting a puppy is quite an exciting time for all the family. A brand new, adorable little bundle of fluff running around being loving and playful and oh-so-cute.

The joy of the new arrival though does come with some downfalls, namely the fact that the new puppy has a lot to learn when it comes to respecting your stuff. Puppies are known to want to chew everything, they don’t have much spatial awareness so they bump into lots, and they aren’t toilet trained so they pee and poop wherever is suitable, and even have accidents when they have been trained.

Realistically, having a puppy is hard work and there’s every chance your stuff isn’t going to run the gauntlet of your puppies first few months at home unscathed.

So how do you protect your home from a new puppy?

Defence Against Puppy Damage

There are some amazing things you can do to help protect your home against puppy damage including:

  • Puppy pads
  • Old bits of carpet and rugs
  • Puppy gates and crates
  • Training classes

However, you can protect your home even more if you invest in a cheap self storage unit. Self storage provides you with a place to store all of the valuable items that you can’t replace, or don’t want to replace, should the puppy chew them or go to the toilet on them. It is all well and good replacing an old rug or a cheap table, but what about those priceless family heirlooms, or that new sofa that you’re still paying off? It makes sense to remove anything you simply cannot replace for a few months, just whilst your new pup gets trained and is less of a liability at home, but do make sure you compare self storage prices as they can vary considerably from place to place.

Alternatively, perhaps you want one space dedicated to your new puppy in the house, in which case cheap self storage allows you to clear that room for a short time whilst the puppy has its own special fur baby nursery. The benefits of having cheap self storage whilst you raise a puppy are vast, and the costs can vastly outweigh the potential damage to any of your property.

How To Arrange Cheap Self Storage

It is important to arrange cheap self storage before your puppy arrives, so that there is no room for accidents when they come home. It also protects the puppy from feeling unsettled with you removing items from the home when they are there.

Do look around, do visit the self storage facilities you like and do look for the best value deal, not the cheapest.

Arranging cheap self storage for the arrival of a puppy, or indeed any new pet, is a really great idea if you have irreplaceable (or expensive to replace) belongings in your home. Eventually your puppy will be well-trained enough to spend time in all areas of the home with you. Before that point, it makes sense to protect your things so that you can focus on training your puppy without the worry of them soiling or breaking things that mean a lot to you.

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