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We love our little, four-legged furry friends. They are our best company, and, at times, they are our best friends. But, what we don’t love about them is all the dirt, mess, and bacteria that they leave behind. Because of them, our sofas are covered in hair, our rugs are stained with urine, and our walls often have paw prints made of dirt. Of course, these are not the reasons to remove your pets from your home. These are the reasons to start looking for ways to keep your house clean with indoor pets.

But, don’t worry – doing this (both looking for cleaning tips and the actual cleaning) is pretty simple. because you have us to help you out! We will do that by sharing with you some easy and effective ways to keep your house clean with indoor pets.

Hair Be Gone

If you want to keep your house clean with indoor pets, pet hair is the first thing you have to tackle. We know that it is everywhere – on the walls, floors, furniture pieces, and even on you. And, we are not going to lie to you – even if you have a pet-friendly home, there is no magical way for this pet hair to disappear. The only way your home can be free of it is if you clean every single day.

But, to clean the pet hair every day, you have to rely on some easy and effective tools and methods. One of them is, for example, investing in a good vacuum cleaner. You can even invest in a robot vacuum – the one that cleans all by itself. Then, get some good-quality lint rollers for your furniture and your clothes. And finally, make sure to groom your furry friends regularly – that will slow down the shedding process and ensure a hairless home.

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Remove Urine Stains Properly

Of course, all indoor pets are potty trained. But accidents happen! They happen with cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, bunnies, etc. However, just because these accidents happen occasionally, you should not just leave them be. You must clean the stain as soon as you notice it. Otherwise, your home will neither look nor smell good.

To clean the urine stains (or stains from vomiting, or even from dirty paws), your best option is to scrub the spot with some pet-friendly detergent. It is crucial to do this properly and remove the stain because if the smell lingers on, pets will come back and do the same – it is just the way they are. So, either deep clean the area or call professionals.

Clean the Furniture Regularly

Once you clean the carpets from stains and hair, it is time to turn to your furniture. All the furniture pieces with some kind of upholstery you can clean with vacuums and lint rollers. But, that applies only to parts that are covered with hair; stained pieces must be professionally cleaned. You can try to clean them yourself (with specialized furniture cleaners and a mixture of water and baking soda), but, unfortunately, that rarely works. Together with smells and bacteria, stains tend to survive all kinds of ‘amateur’ cleaning.

Thus, if you have some pet stains on your furniture, call professional cleaners. But, be careful. These cleaners come with bulky and loud machines – machines your pets will be afraid of. So, make sure to do everything in your power to create a safe space for your furry friends once strangers come into the house. Those strangers don’t have to be cleaners, per se – they can also be movers or any other kind of professionals. Moving has shown to be incredibly stressful for pets, so owners need to learn what to do with pets on moving day to keep them stress-free. Thus, create a safe area for them and ensure they are as far away from the action as possible. 

A woman and a dog sitting on a couch.

Make Sure Your Pets Are Clean Too

If you want to keep your house clean with indoor pets and stay organized at all times, you have to keep your pets clean! The cleaner they are, the cleaner your home will be.  So, you know what to do – make sure to clean your pet’s paws after every walk, brush their fur once or twice a week, and bathe them once a month. Again, when doing this, make sure they are safe! Make sure you are using the right kind of brushing and cleaning products! Ask your vet to give you some suggestions on what to buy. 

A woman brushing her dog.

Don’t Forget the Area Around Their Food Bowls

When cleaning after their pets, most people focus on cleaning their oriental carpets, hardwood floors, couches, etc. But, they usually forget the most important part – the area around the pet water and food bowls. But, this may be the dirtiest thing in your house, especially if you don’t clean it regularly. Even though we don’t want to believe that the mouths of our cats and dogs are full of bacteria – they are. When that bacteria gets mixed with leftover water and food, it can become a health hazard for people.

So, whenever you are washing your dishes, wash your pet’s dishes too (and the space under and around them). For cleaning their food bowls, it is best to use boiling water only. If the stain is too resistant, use your dish detergent, which you will thoroughly rinse later on. We know that this may seem like a lot of work, but this is something you have to do if you want to keep your house clean with indoor pets.

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