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Staging your home is a critical step in selling it. It can increase foot traffic of interested buyers and bring in multiple offers. When you’re getting ready to say goodbye to your home, you might feel like you know all about getting it in prime condition. Still, there are some missteps that a homeowner can make. Selling your home is not easy, so you need all the help you can get. These mistakes can keep listings from selling quickly and for top dollar. Here are some home staging mistakes to avoid in order to ensure you get the best outcome on the sale of your home.

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Not having your home photographed by a professional

When you list your home, photos taken by a professional photographer will help it stand out from the rest. When potential homebuyers view properties online, this is the first thing they see. They will more likely visit your listing if they see high-quality photographs of your place. Great real estate photographs can make all the difference in getting homebuyers to stop scrolling and contact you about touring your property. If you hire a professional real estate photographer, they can capture the right angles and lighting to showcase your home’s charms.

Not realizing who your buyers are

Consider who might be interested in your location and residence when staging your home. For example, if you’re staging a downtown condo, you might want to stage a second bedroom as a guest room or home office rather than as a nursery or kid’s room. Additionally, resist the urge to overdo the decor. You want your home to appeal to as many people as possible.

Decorating with too many trinkets

When decorating for yourself or staging your home for sale, it’s often better to use fewer large items than a lot of small ones. For example, two big vases or one large piece of art can look more sophisticated than a bunch of small objects on a coffee table. Decorating with too many knick-knacks can make your place feel cluttered. When staging your home, store your old mementos. Stacked books are okay, especially if you have a library or a fireplace, but don’t overdo it.

One of the biggest home staging mistakes is cluttering

Going overboard on color

One of the best staging tips you’ll receive is to paint your walls neutral colors. They may not be the colors you’d choose, but they will make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Unfortunately, they may be discouraged when they encounter a house with bold colors, and they don’t want to bother with repainting. Paint can transform the look of a home, but be sure to choose colors that work for you and your family. And remember that potential buyers want to see themselves living in your house.

Avoid one of these home staging mistakes- don’t go too bland!

When you try to please everyone, it’s easy to end up with an uninspired space. The trick is to create a neutral environment with a bit of personality. Keep things like wall color and furniture low-key but add interest through art and textiles like colorful throw pillows. Before decorating, figure out a color scheme and try sticking to it. Don’t just use one neutral tone, as the house will look bland and unappealing. 

Rugs, rugs, rugs- don’t skip this crucial piece of decor

One of the most common mistakes that home stagers see is an open floor plan with nothing to warm it up or give character to specific spaces. Area rugs are an easy way to define different areas and help create a sense of warmth. These rugs are a great way to define space by creating comfortable and warm areas for sitting or dining. If you want to leave all the rugs that you already have, like an oriental carpet, make sure they are clean and fresh. Cleaning oriental carpets will help your home smell divine and make your home more sophisticated.

Poor furniture layout

When staging their homes, many sellers make the mistake of pushing furniture flush against the wall. They think that this will make the room appear larger. However, it usually has the opposite effect and makes the room look smaller. When preparing a room for staging, large pieces of furniture such as sectionals may not be the best choice. Staging professionals often suggest that homeowners either rent smaller furniture for the staging period, sell the big pieces, or store large items. For example, making the most out of weird corners by creating interesting at-home storage solution is one of the best ways to add space where needed. It’s time to get creative!

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Angled furniture is a big NO

Resist the temptation to arrange your sofa or desk at an angle when you’re getting ready to sell your home. Angular furniture arrangements make rooms feel off, even though many think they will make the space look bigger. If the room itself is oddly shaped, you may not have a choice in how you position your furniture. It’s important to stage your home as naturally as possible, as the buyers will want to feel at home when they first walk in.

Not cleaning your home – one of the biggest home staging mistakes

No one will appreciate a well-designed room if it has dusty shelves or gross carpet. Clean the windows of dust so they can let in lots of light. Get out your hardwood floor polisher and deep clean your carpets. There are many ways to make your home look clean and decluttered, and the buyers will appreciate it.

Avoiding home staging mistakes will help you sell your place in no time. Knowing what not to do will make it easier to make your home marketable and attractive to potential buyers.

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