DIY tips for maximising home storage

DIY Storage can be simple

As we get older the amount of possessions we own seem to grow and storage space becomes a most sought after attribute in any home.How many times have you said to yourself that you just don’t have enough space in your home for all your things? As we grow and make a family, the amount of things everybody has just seems to be insurmountable. It can be tempting to just say you need to move but moving home is an unnecessary hassle just to be able to store all your valuable and sentimental possession. Making use of the available space you already have with DIY is easier than you may think.

When you look around your home, there will be many places of untapped potential that, with a little bit of DIY and creative thinking, you can turn into innovative and beautiful storage areas. So let’s take a look around the home and identify some of the areas in each room which could be turned into handy storage with some DIY and a touch of creativity.


DIY Kitchen storage

The kitchen is one area of the home that most people feel they simply don’t have enough room. You need cupboards for food, pans, utensil, plates; the list goes on and on. Unless you have thousands to spend on a brand new kitchen with an array of fancy storage options, you may need to get creative to get the storage you want.

So let’s start under the sink. We all have a cupboard under the sink which is generally unused. Don’t waste any valuable space in the hunt for extra storage. Add an extra shelf in there to give yourself more options. Cupboard doors can be turned into extra storage with the addition on a space saver storage rack on the back of cupboard doors. Cleaning supplies, bin bags and any other smaller objects can be stored in these racks giving you extra shelf space.

Cupboard space and storage units are key in any kitchen and most people feel they just don’t have enough. It is relatively easy to implement your DIY skills to add extra cupboards in your kitchen if you need them. You can also add shelving above existing cupboards for pans and pots which you don’t use every day. Knife blocks and magnetic knife holders, which attach to the wall, are also both great ways to save drawer space. You may also want to consider a ceiling rack above any kitchen islands as a great place to hang pots, pans and utensils to save yourself valuable cupboard space.


DIY living room storage

The lounge is where you and your family will spend much of your time relaxing and entertaining. Most people will have amassed a collection of sentimental and personal items by the time they come to own their own home which will take pride of place in the lounge. Extra display and storage options in this room are essential to create the relaxing environment which a lounge should be.

Shelving is the obvious first solution to storage options in the lounge. Even with limited DIY knowledge and skill, putting up shelving is relatively simple and gives you an extra option to display some of your prized possessions. Selecting furniture options for you lounge with extra storage space can also give you extra space to store belongings and also add you your overall décor. Coffee tables with drawers, small cabinets, sideboards and bureaus all give you added storage solutions whilst also give you the opportunity to create a stunning, elegant look to your lounge. You can also investigate the possibility of foot stools which open up to reveal storage on the inside.

If you have alcoves in your lounge, either side of a fire place for example, you have a fantastic opportunity to create some built in storage in this space. A little DIY skill and you can create built in shelves and cupboards within your alcoves which won’t intrude into the space within your lounge and blend in seamlessly within the room. If you have stairs in your lounge then you can also add built in storage cupboards in the space underneath them and create a functional and uniquely shaped cupboard.

If your lounge features an unused or closed off fireplace and chimney breast then this can be converted into an innovative storage option. Opening up the original fireplace and blocking off the chimney above can give you a sizeable space for a built in cupboard or area to place a cabinet, sideboard or shelves. This can be made a real feature in your lounge and give you a creative and unique storage option which make use of all available space.


DIY storage in the hallYou may not have considered your hallway as a space which you can add storage too but it shouldn’t be ignored. The space under your stairs makes for an ideal built in cupboard area which can be as big or small as you would like. Here you can store big bulky items such as hoovers and also an area to keep shoes and coats so that they don’t clutter your hallway. If you have a boiler cupboard either in your upstairs or downstairs hallway, then this can be converted into a handy storage place for bedding and towels with a simple touch of DIY to add shelving in this area. The hallway is also a fantastic area to add large pieces of furniture such as dressers, bureaus and sideboards. These large pieces of furniture not only give you plenty of storage options but also create a huge impact on people when the entre your home.


DIY bedroom storageYour bedroom should be a place of peace, tranquillity and relaxation. The presence of clutter or mess can actually have a large negative impact on your sleep as an untidy atmosphere doesn’t lend itself to a restful night’s sleep. Storage space in the bedroom is vital so that you can keep order and calm in what is meant to be the most relaxing area of the home.

Of course the furniture in your bedroom will give you extra storage such as wardrobes and sets of drawers but you can also buy beds which offer storage options. Divan beds often have drawer underneath or you can opt for a bed which mattress rises to expose storage underneath. Built in wardrobes also offer a fantastic array of storage and design options to suit any taste. You can often customise the inside of your built in wardrobe with a simply touch of DIY to add shoe racks, drawers and accessory and jewellery storage. Built in wardrobes can be made to almost any shape and specification to fit any space. They are the ideal solution for uneven or sloped ceilings and smaller bedrooms.

A window seat adds a touch of elegance and old world charm to any bedroom and can also give you added storage options. A window seat is an easily constructed built in storage option which can be made with even the basic DIY knowledge. Situated within the space underneath a large or bay window, a window seat is an innovative use of unused space and the seat itself can be hinged to expose a large storage compartment underneath; ideal for bulky bedding and towels.

Bedrooms often have chimney breasts running through them and if your fireplace downstairs in unused or blocked then you can convert the chimney breast in the bedroom into a built in cupboard or storage space. By removing some of the brickwork and inserting wooden boards and supports, a small cupboard, wardrobe or set back shelving space can be created to make use of every space possible to create unique storage options.


We all use a number of products in the bathroom from shampoo and body wash to moisturiser and shaving gel. Nobody likes the look of clutter and all these products sitting on the side of the bath or sink starts to look unsightly. Storage solutions in the bathroom may seem tricky or thin on the ground but if you get a little creative, there are plenty of ways to add extra storage no matter how big or small your bathroom is.

The space under the bathroom sink is often neglected when it comes to storage solutions buts it is relatively easy and quick to create a storage area in this space. You can choose to create a cupboard or shelving unit which accommodate the base of the sink and works around it to give you an area which you can store bath or cleaning products out of sight and out of the way.

Cupboard can be fixed to the bathroom wall to give you a storage option which is versatile and useful. Cupboard doors can be modified to have rack on them too to extra options to store all your bathroom necessities. You can also create a simple cupboard or shelving unit to sit above the toilet for loo rolls and wipes to be stored, all it takes is some basic DIY knowhow.

Almost everywhere in the bathroom can be used to create storage options if you get a little creative. Even the space above the bathroom door can be used to add shelves to give you a place to put your bathroom items up and out of the way. Tiles can be removed from the walls and small alcoves created in the bathroom to give you built in storage for items such as shower and wash products. A little creative and innovative thinking can help you to look at the space in your bathroom in a different light and see potential to create unique storage solutions even if your bathroom is small and compact.


DIY loftYour loft or attic may currently be used as a dumping ground for unused clothes, toys, keepsakes and the Christmas tree but with a little TLC and a touch of DIY, you can turn this space into more than just a place to throw bags and boxes full of knick-knacks.

Firstly, if your loft isn’t boarded out then this should be your first job. Putting in proper, stable flooring in your loft gives you the means to be able to walk around and use all of the space in your loft without fear of coming through the ceiling. Even if you only plan on using the space to put unused items out of the way, boarding the floor is essential so that you can make the most of the space in a safe manner.

Once your loft floor is boarded out you can then look at how exactly you wish to use the space. To make the most of the room you can add built in wardrobes and cupboards around the edges of the loft. As previously mentioned, built in wardrobes can be made to any specification so they can take into account for the sloped loft ceiling and give you a storage option which is tidy and organised. You then have the rest of the floor space to do as you wish; a work are or craft room are popular choices for loft spaces. You may even consider adding a Velux window and turning the space into an extra bedroom.


The addition of a conservatory to your home can give you many extra storage options. The addition of a new room to your home could be just what you need to give you and your family the extra room you crave without needing to move house. While a conservatory may not be the ideal room for built in storage options due to the glass walls, it will give you extra space for items of furniture which will aid in your mission for extra storage in your home.

Get creative with DIY storage

If you need extra storage options in your home then all it takes is some creative thinking. DIY knowledge can help you save money by converting space into storage yourself and many of the tips and tricks mentioned here can be done easily yourself. Think outside of the box and get innovative in your storage solutions to create spaces and designs which suit your personality and your home.


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