After a year of working from home and staying indoors, we’ve began to notice areas around our homes that could be in need of a little work. Here are some ways you can use DIY to refresh the rooms in your home this summer.


The kitchen is one of the most used areas of the home. Here is where you cook, eat, socialise as a family, and sometimes even have video call meetings or help your children with their homework. Due to the amount of use this space gets, it’s likely that it will want a refresh the most often.

Grease and other food products can build up on surfaces such as cupboard doors and walls, giving the appearance of a dull, unloved area. By giving your kitchen a good clean down and a fresh lick of paint, you’ll brighten up the area and remove any unwanted dirt in the process.

Try to keep your kitchen free of clutter. Remember summer car boot season is a good time to sell stuff you don’t need anymore and it’s easy to make money from a car boot sale.  Also store away everything that you won’t need out, such as snacks, kitchen utensils that don’t get used as often, and appliances that only see the light of day at Christmas. This will keep your worksurfaces looking immaculate and give the appearance of a larger kitchen without having to convert it. Another way to create a sense of space is to move large appliances, for instance, move your refrigerator to a new location that doesn’t block sightlines or interfere with natural routes through the kitchen.

Living room

The living room is where you spend most of your time relaxing, so you want it to reflect that. A cosy area that is free of clutter but also has personality is the best way forward.

Try adding in pillows and rugs that follow a colour scheme or pattern rather than random accessories and adornments that don’t go together. Try not to overdo it with ornaments and instead look at creating a photo wall or adding in wall art – this means you’re not using up any of your floor or table space for unnecessary items.

Mirrors and plants can introduce light and fresh air to the space, and can help to bring the outdoors in. This is great if you have a smaller living room or not as many windows as it will reflect the light and brighten the area. Small things like changing up the photos on your wall every now and then can create a completely different atmosphere.


For the bedroom, you’ll want quite a minimal area where you can relax before you fall asleep. Too much clutter or decoration on the walls can lead to you becoming distracted and it will often take you longer to nod off.

Try switching your bedding out for a more neutral linen duvet cover and utilise scatter cushions to create more depth and dimension. Having your bedroom in line with a Feng Shui method will help you to feel more at peace and make your sleep much better.

You might even decide to get rid of your old carpet and replace it with a modern laminate or wood flooring. Fitted carpet isn’t always easy to just pull up, so you might find you need some specialised scissors to help cut the carpet out.


Whether you enjoy having a nice long soak in the bath at the end of your day, or you prefer a power shower to wake you up before you go to work, having a comfortable bathroom that is breathable and clean is key.

Use organizers to keep your toiletries and towels neatly away, or even install some bathroom shelves if you have the space. A shower caddy is great for keeping the products you use every day all in a neat place ready for their next use.

Plants can create a tropical rainforest feeling, whilst candles, reed diffusers and other scents can help to transport your mind to relaxing lands as well as get rid of any unwanted smells.

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