Renovation projects that add value to your home

When you set out to do some major or minor remodeling, you should primarily execute those renovation projects that add value to your home. Since a lot of time and money goes into remodeling a home, it is not prudent to go with your guts. Some renovation projects are more appreciated by prospective buyers and for good reasons. Therefore, let’s explore how you can spruce up your house to secure a buyer.

Update your kitchen

Investing in a kitchen remodel is an excellent way to attract buyers. Some estimates show that you can expect to earn back as much as 60-80% of the money you invested in a kitchen remodel. This is because buyers appreciate it when they do not have to change the electrical installations, piping, and appliances themselves. These renovations require a lot of time and effort to finalize. In other words, most buyers want to move into functioning homes with functioning kitchens.

Consider your renovation budget before you decide to tackle your kitchen. Don’t be discouraged if you do not have the resources to invest in brand new appliances or significant construction work. You can achieve a lot just by making minor improvements. For instance, you can replace the cabinets, the kitchen faucet, or light fixtures. By doing this, you will refresh your kitchen without spending too much money. 

kitchen renovation

If these basic kitchen renovations exceed your budget, there are still other ways you can update your kitchen. Paint the cabinets in a new color after you refinish the cabinet boxes to make them smooth. You may also consider changing the doors, handles, or drawers. These seemingly small changes should revamp your kitchen and make it more appealing to potential homebuyers.

Renovate the bathroom

Although kitchen renovations improve the overall appeal of your home, your bathroom is also essential. Real estate agents state that you get around 90% return on investment since your bathroom(s) are considered extremely important when properties are marketed. So, if you have to choose between renovating your kitchen or your bathroom – choose the bathroom.

A newly renovated white bathroom

Aside from fixing the piping or any other underlying problems, it would help make surface changes. Retiling the bathroom is a lengthy project but potentially very rewarding. Also, consider changing or re-grouting the bathtub (if you have one). Such bathroom renovations are one of the biggest challenges of renovating an old house, but they will surely add value to your home.

Be sure to change the light fixtures since the appearance of your bathroom heavily depends on them. In addition, something as simple as a new mirror or towel hangers can make a huge difference. Since these home innovations do not require a lot of drilling, they are the best and most versatile bathroom renovation projects that add value to your home

Repurpose the attic or basement

Home additions are a great way to add square footage, but they cost a lot to execute. A better way to add value to your home is to repurpose an already existing room such as an attic, basement, garage, or any other room that can be turned into a functional living space, a workout area, a home office, etc. Homebuyers appreciate these kinds of perks since they make the house more roomy and organized. 

A man planning a home renovation projects that add value

However, having too many rooms can sometimes be a disadvantage. Although this may sound unlikely, some buyers might be at a loss about what they might do with so many rooms. This generally occurs as a problem when people try to sell their property. 

Hence, it makes sense to invest in home staging if you think this might be a problem. The key to selling your house at a realistic price is to make an effort to make it more appealing to buyers. So, adding universally appealing furniture and decoration is a great way to make your home more relatable in showings and you won’t have to spend a lot of money either.

Add attic insulation

Speaking of attics, changing the attic insulation is one of the most profitable home renovation projects. New attic insulation adds to the resale value with a 107% cost recoup. The reason why good insulation is so valued is pretty obvious – the future owner’s household bills are reduced significantly when the property has good insulation.

Improve the curb appeal

It is not only the inside of your home that should be the focus of your renovation. Curb appeal also factors into the overall impression potential homebuyers develop. In some cases, the first impression might be the one that helps them decide. 

Furthermore, something as simple as scrubbing the porch or the home’s entryway signals it is well-taken care of. However, larger projects such as adding a new walkway are sure to impress the buyer and make your home stand out in the crowd. 

Changing the front door is a relatively inexpensive way to improve the appearance of the home and ensure safety. We recommend you consider changing the windows as well if they seem rusted or unsafe. 

There are all sorts of renovation projects that add value to your home. Besides these practical home renovation projects, your curb appeal will also benefit from some purely cosmetic improvements. So, for instance, prune shrubs, plant or place a few flower pots, and mow the lawn. Creating a cheery, well-kept atmosphere around your house is a good selling strategy that does not have to cost a lot of money to be successful

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