London never sleeps

1)   Music is our passion

The O2 arena (the world’s most popular music venue) is just one out of the 300+ music venues London has with over 17,000 performances each year. Not only this, in the summer there are multiple music festivals taking place in amazing areas such as Hyde Park.

London summer

2)   We are jam packed with culture

Out of the ten best museums in the world London is home to three of them and has another 170 museums to pick from. It also has four UNESCO world heritage sites.

Tate museum LondonThere are also around 250 festivals in London alone each year so you are bound to find one which takes your interest. And with around 40% of London’s population born outside the UK you can learn about a variety of cultures, without having to travel worldwide.




3)   If you love history you will love London

London is full of history and by just looking at the architecture you can understand the events which occurred, with buildings from the Victorian period, Roman, Tudor and many, many more.

london has history

4)   Working in London

Living the London life for many includes working there too; it provides you opportunities which you won’t be able to find anywhere else, for any job you do.

London life

5)   You can pop away for the weekend.Airport waiting area

With cheap flights across Europe and five airports to pick from your choice is endless and if you are feeling super adventurous Heathrow airport is one of the busiest – getting you almost anywhere in the world that you desire. And if you are not a fan of flying there is always the train – Paris in two hours doesn’t sound bad to me.



6)   Summer time in the city

Summer BBQEngland is not renowned for the best weather, I will give you that, but when the sun is out and the days are longer there is just so much you can do. From sitting at a rooftop bar over looking London after work, relaxing in one of the many green parks, taking a boat down the river or simply having a BBQ in the garden with friends, the choice is endless.



7)   Christmas in the City

Christmas is just as good as summer or even better; it is just much, much colder. London really indulges in the Christmas spirit and with the crisp winter air you cannot resist. The Christmas lights are fantastic, you have to stop and take a picture of the lights at least once – it would be rude not to. The Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park tops it all, with the Christmas markets and the ride, it is like something out of a movie. And let’s not forget about the amazing New Year firework display we have. Christmas in London is just amazing.


8)   Fashion Fashion Fashion

We love fashion in London, just take a look at the London Fashion show. Yes we are not New York or Paris but we are sure close to it (geographically and in the rankings).

9)   Let’s not forget about the food

From top notch restaurants to cute food markets London has it all, so you will never go hungry.

10) Finally, you will never get boredLondon never sleeps

In London whether first thing in the morning or last thing at night you will be able to find something to do. With thousands of events going on each year the choice is endless.




2 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Live In London

  1. Excellent article – reminds me why I love living in London. It’s great to get away from time to time but the excitement of city living – huge choice of things to do, places to eat etc – just can’t be beaten by even the most beautiful country town.

    1. Totally agree Jags about the pleasures of living in London. Of course, there are downsides (like the traffic and pollution) but I have found so many country towns that look pretty and are bustling during the daytime but like ghost towns in the evenings.

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