If you’re thinking of renovating or furnishing your home, then you may want to look to Germany for inspiration. This ambitious country is one of the world’s biggest furniture nations and has given birth to strong household names such as “Wiemann” and “Rauch”, to name but a few.

Germany has proven time and time again that they deliver high-quality furniture that features intriguing materials and attractive modern designs. In many cases, its reliability and competence can be viewed as a cut above the rest.

In this post, we highlight the current top 10 German furniture brands.

1. Wiemann

Wiemann dedicates itself to designing and manufacturing luxury wardrobes and bedroom furniture, ensuring that you get a good night’s rest in a comforting and lush setting. Established way back in the early 1900s, this German furniture brand prides itself in delivering modern designs that hold more than a century of mastery. Wiemann currently makes over 200 ranges of bedroom furniture for markets across Europe. You can buy them online here.

2. Rauch

Rauch is another German furniture manufacturer that has mastered the art of creating elegant wardrobes that are perfect for contemporary homes and apartments. Merging functional storage solutions with attractive designs since 1897, this high-end furniture brand has found the recipe for delivering quality furniture at affordable prices. We recommend purchasing Rauch wardrobes at Instrument furniture cause they are also offering assembly service.

3. Dedon

For exquisite outdoor furniture, head on over to Dedon. Founded in 1990, this leading German manufacturer has excelled at creating high-end garden furniture. From tables and chairs to interesting outdoor sofas; every piece expresses a unique experience. The modularity of the compositions is also outstanding, and you’ll discover endless possibilities to make room for your own imagination.

4. SieMatic

SieMatic brings the concept “the kitchen is the heart of the home” to life. The brand has been creating beautiful kitchen furniture since 1929 and has evolved to become leading manufacture that caters to homes across the globe. Combining attractive modern designs with intelligent functionality, this German company has set the trend for designing elegant living spaces that reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle and personality.

Stunning contemporary bedroom design with designer wardrobes
Photo by 刘 强 on Unsplash

5. Nolte

Another German manufacturer that’s heading the furniture industry is Nolte. Nolte embodies diversity and impeccable design. It’s also a reliable brand that delivers exceptional customer service. Using innovative machinery and skilled employees to create their wares, you’re guaranteed to receive high-end furniture pieces that combine to create the home you’ve always dreamed of. Founded in 1958, this is a furniture brand that’s passed the test of time to prove its value.

6. Walter Knoll

Founded way back in 1865, Walter Knoll is an authoritative furniture company that covers all areas of the house, with particular emphasis on upholstered items. From luxury leather sofas to majestic dining tables fit for royalty, this brand delivers prestigious furniture designs coupled with a high-end service that caters to the buyer’s needs every step of the way.

7. Balthaup

Balthaup is another luxury kitchen brand from Germany. With its roots in 1949, the company has flourished to become a leading kitchen manufacturer in many countries, including the UK. The brand is characterised by precision, innovation, and the highest levels of craftsmanship. The kitchen designs are nothing less than elegant – they are also highly functional (for comfortable and convenient living).

8. Rolf Benz

Rolf Benz is a pioneer in German furniture design. The company was first established in 1964 and quickly developed to become an experimental manufacturer of unique sofas, chairs, and tables that harmonise perfectly with contemporary homes. They also offer a broad range of occasional furniture – with enough variety to cater to all tastes.

9. Zeitraum

If you enjoy following a sustainable lifestyle, then Zeitraum may be a furniture manufacturer that will appeal to you. The brand has been following the principle of combining ideas, design, and ecology since 1990. Now, their creations cater to the entire home, and they offer a broad selection of high-end beds, chairs, tables, and novelties – all built using sustainable wood.

10. Thonet

This historic German furniture brand was established in 1819 and has since stood for high-quality, innovative, and elegant furniture. The manufacturer caters to both homes and offices and offers an innovative selection of luxury furniture suited to contemporary lifestyles. Thonet is all about creating invigorating environments with comfort at its core.

In Conclusion

Undoubtedly, Germany continues to be counted as one of the most popular furniture nations, and the above is just a short list of the very best brands born in this country. Online stores have made it possible for people across the world to access these luxury ranges, increasing the demand and expanding design options as a result. As we said, you’re bound to find furniture from our top 10 German furniture brands that appeal to you!


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