Hoping to give your fireplace a bit of extra vamoose and vavavoom? These easy tips will help.

A fireplace is a central feature of a room, but over the years it can degrade or simply lack lustre, which is when it needs some TLC.

To help you get this important part of your home looking beautiful, here are some easy ways to fix up your fireplace:

Clean It

Giving a fireplace a really good scrub can instantly bring it back to life. Of course, you’ll have to work specifically with the materials present in your fireplace, but realistically, any material can be cleaned and buffed to look great again, even rusty cast iron.

Give It A Paint

A fireplace surround with faded old tiles, chipped paint or some awful paint colour that was never updated will always look a bit rubbish. Instead, why not give the surround a better look with a quick splash of paint. Just remember to use the appropriate paint for the material you’re painting on and choose a colour that works with the room.

Put A New Fire In

Is it possible to put a working log burner into the fireplace? They are very popular and look stunning in any modern home. If not, could you update the fire itself? Old electric fires can age a fireplace and switching to a cost-effective new one could instantly bring the entire feature up to date.

Add Some Funky Tiles

Geometric tiles or similarly beautiful, new tile patterns on the fireplace can instantly make it a feature. It isn’t the quickest job to do but it is impactful.

Consider A Floating Beam

A floating beam is a piece of wood that sits above a fireplace that has no surround. Some people choose old railway sleepers and other gorgeous pieces of wood for this, which instantly make the beam a beautiful aesthetic feature.

Add Some Cool Accessories

If the fireplace has no real fire in it you should go to town with plants to decorate the space. A mixture of plants that go up and plants that hang down will work really well. In addition, have a rustle around in your storage unit for some wicker accessories. Wicker wood baskets and ornaments are really in fashion at the moment and add a lovely natural feel to a fireplace. If you have some quirky artwork lurking in cheap self storage that could also work really well on your fireplace. The mixture of artwork, plants and candles is popular at the moment with a design style called cottage core or ‘granny chic’.

Give It A Feature Wall Background

A fireplace can sometimes be brought back ‘into’ a room by giving it a feature wall. This is where you paint the wall area of the fireplace – which is usually sticking out from the rest of the room – a colour that stands out and draws attention to that wall. A teal, green/ blue colour looks great with a warm neutral elsewhere. This can be paired with gold accessories, pink, white and woods to bring the entire look together.

The tips above can help you get your fireplace looking beautiful again. By making the most of this feature you can add a central feature to your home interior design that is sure to bring a fresh and interesting aesthetic into any space.

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