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Good weather isn’t guaranteed, but the garden still needs looking after. Here are 4 excellent tips to help with sorting your garden up, so you can enjoy it as much as possible this summer. 

Although we cannot rely on any good weather lasting, what we can do is prepare our garden for the possibility of a dry or even sunny day. Perhaps you haven’t had time to sort your garden out yet, maybe just quickly popping the barbeque on during the few good days. You’re not alone, most people are the same. In a climate where spending time outside looks unlikely most of the time, the garden is certainly a low priority!

The thing is, if you do leave your garden it will inevitably overgrow, furniture will get more faded and it will become more difficult to manage, so it’s always a good time to sort it out to enjoy when the sun comes out, and to avoid it becoming an expensive refurbishment job by it becoming seriously neglected. And who knows, you might even be encouraged to spend more time outside if the garden looks beautiful!

Here are some key tips to help you get your garden straight:

Tackle The Shed

Your shed is a wonderful piece of storage you should be using. The problem is it is so easy to stick everything and anything in there. When we do this, we end up with a shed full of clutter, and eventually a garden full of clutter as well because there’s no storage left.

Giving your shed a clean seasonally is a good habit to get into to avoid it becoming a useless building full of clutter. Get rid of any rubbish, try to create new storage solutions within it (shelves, boxes etc), pop anything you use all the time near the front (lawnmower etc) and for items in there you don’t need all the time, consider a personal self storage unit.

Tackle The Plants & Lawn

The plants and lawn are the parts that will become overgrown and messy if you don’t tend to them regularly. In summer your lawn will start to grow back almost as soon as you mow it, which is frustrating, but won’t stop happening by you being frustrated at it (unfortunately!). So it is a good idea to mow it every couple of weeks.

The plants should be pruned and cut back as per their individual needs. Tools you use to tend your plants and lawn could be housed in self storage if you know when you are going to use them, and struggle to house them comfortably in your own storage space.

Get Rid Of Clutter

General clutter in the garden can make it look ugly, and cause suffocation of any plants or grass underneath. Sorting your garden requires a complete spring clean: getting rid of unused toys or equipment, storing old plant-pots in the shed, and possibly move any seasonal items you won’t need until winter in a cheap self-storage unit (you can compare self-storage prices to get the best deal near you).

Spruce Up Items You Do Use

Anything you will be using like sports equipment, trampolines, garden furniture or the barbeque, you should maintain and prepare for use. Give your furniture a change of cushions, consider making a sheltered area for the decking so it is useful in all weathers, wipe down the children’s toys, check the barbeque is safe and give it a good clean. You might even want to buy a few new things to freshen the place up – pot plants, a new parasol – just a few bits to make the area ‘new’ and exciting.

Once you’ve freshened the place up, sorting your garden will all feel worth it and you’ll be dying to use it! Fingers crossed for sunshine!

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