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As summer finally comes, we all become much more active in our lives, seeking out the best places and ways to enjoy the finer weather. The gorgeous weather (hopefully) motivates us all to clean the house, tidy the garden and sort the summer storage in our garage/ shed, and potentially sell their homes.

Whether you plan to get the house ship shape, do some renovations, start some new summer hobbies, clear space in your home, make an outdoor entertaining space, buy a new home, or simply make the most of what you have, some extra space could be really useful.

Self storage might well be a great option for you if you are looking to find some extra space in summer for any number of reasons. The fact that renting a storage unit is so easy and cost-effective makes it an attractive option for many people in summer.

Seasonal Items Stored In Summer

One of the key reasons people rent a storage unit in summer is to store items they only need in winter. It makes no sense to lose all the storage space needed to store these items when you could store them safely off site, and have all that extra space to enjoy during the summer months. Common items stored in summer are:

  • Winter wardrobe
  • Winter sports equipment such as skis, snowboards and sledges
  • Heavy duty shovels and winter maintenance equipment
  • Christmas decorations

Summer Activities Need Extra Space

Another common reason people need extra space in summer, is because they are either moving home and need to store items whilst people view their current home, or whilst they renovate a new home.

Or it can be because they want to enjoy summer activities like camping, bike riding and climbing but they need extra space to store it because they share a home or their home is too small to store the items well. Just think of how much space camping equipment complete with tent, sleeping bags, ground mats, blankets, cooker, gas, mallets, airbeds, camping table, camping chairs etc takes up, it doesn’t take long for it to fill a garage if you’re serious about your equipment. And yet you only use it once or twice in summer, so it makes sense to store it elsewhere between uses.

Getting The Right Size Unit For Your Needs

You can find cheap self storage units that range from the size of a small locker, to the size of a football pitch. So really, it is up to you how much storage you want or need. The best thing to do is write a list of everything you need to store and show that to the cheap self storage company who should be able to advise you. You can always easily downsize or upsize if you need to.

Getting The Right Self Storage Unit

When choosing a personal self-storage unit for your summer items, be sure to choose somewhere with:

  • Good rates
  • Contract flexibility
  • Excellent security
  • Good customer feedback
  • Excellent cleanliness
  • Signs that the people running the place care about it

Remember they are your belongings so you need to make sure they are being stored in the best place possible. See a few different places, get a few quotes and go with the best all round quality. Before long you’ll be well on your way to much more spacious summer home!

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