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Regardless of where you’re moving to, or if you’re moving yourself or hiring a professional packers and movers, moving to a new house is pretty stressful. In fact, it’s listed as one of the most stressful things to do after having a baby and organising a marriage (or getting a divorce). You know it is going to cost a lot of money, you don’t have to be an accountant to grasp the financial situation, but If you want it to go as smoothly as possible but not cost the earth, you’ll want to read our key do’s and don’ts:
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Before You Move

Do –

  • A few car boots! Spending a few hours on a sunday selling your unwanted items for cash is a great idea in the lead up to your move. It costs hardly anything to set a table up and sell your items, and it brings in a little bit of extra cash, which always comes in useful when you’re moving.
  • Label everything! Become an organised person, and don’t be afraid to overdo it, whether you’re moving items straight to a new home or temporarily into self storage you simply cannot be too organised. Use sticky labels, big sheets of paper with instructions on, even label makers if you want – you will thank yourself for it later on.
  • Make lists, lots of lists – you need to write loads of lists on paper, your phone or even on a white board. Write lists for your budget, packing needs, self-storage items, packing plan, legal paperwork, itinerary and so on. If you think something needs to be on a list somewhere, create a list for it!

Fragile box for moving houseDon’t

  • Just chuck random items in boxes together, you’ll regret it when it comes to unpacking! This is especially relevant when it comes to heavy items and fragile items – they just don’t mix.
  • Leave approximately one night to pack your entire house – it isn’t good for your sanity or your home!
  • Overpack boxes and bags just because you don’t have enough. Although it can be tempting to overfill or indeed underfill boxes and bags during a move, it’s not good for your purse or your items. Pack each and every box and bag properly so that the items inside are protected and every inch of space is used well.
  • Leave your self storage or removals booking until too late – get them booked early.

The removersWhen You Move


  • Keep on top of your lists, it can never hurt to keep on top of what needs doing.
  • Try to locate people at different bases if possible. So have some people at your current home, some at your self storage unit and some at your new home all able to help unload and place items.
  • Load items carefully – heavy items at the bottom, lighter items at the top and any fragile items wedged in so they can’t move about during transit.
  • Check each and every inch of your current home to make sure you haven’t left anything.
  • Have a ‘refreshments box’ to hand containing a kettle, water, mugs, tea bags and snacks.
  • Prepare entertainment for the kids – moving is stressful enough for everyone without kids throwing tantrums and playing up because they’re bored.


  • Expect the removals men to know exactly what needs to go where. They are experts at moving but won’t know exactly what’s what when it comes to your belongings – make sure you oversee everything.
  • Put houseplants in the moving truck – they won’t survive!
  • Forget to turn everything off at your current property unless someone is moving in the same day or the next day.

Remember, moving is always going to be stressful but the more prepared you are, the easier it will be!

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