DIY laying porcelain tiles

Are you a DIY nut? Do you often find yourself planning your next DIY project in your new home as soon as you’ve completed the last one? Then check out these DIY YouTube Channels for inspiration and advice.

With the increase in technology, DIY disasters really have become a thing of the past, because all the information we need to complete a project ourselves is at our fingertips – online. The increase in DIY blogs, forums, decluttering advice, social media channels and video channels is saving us all a lot of money in home improvements, which is great news for our bank balances! DIY YouTube channels are particularly fantastic, because blogs and pictures can only go so far in explaining what we need to do, whereas a video is the next best thing to having someone there with you. So if you want to lay new porcelain tiles in your kitchen, replace a tap, wallpaper your living room or install a power shower you are sure to find some advice that will help.

Here are the top eight DIY Youtube Videos:


Brit + Co

Brit + Co is a DIY website which also has it’s own Youtube channel. It’s quite the infectious channel and you’ll probably find you watch it and immediately get taken up with the enthusiasm coming out of the screen! Watch for really clear, concise DIY instructions as well as some pretty amazing ideas.


Oh Joy

Oh Joy is quite the Pinterest sensation, so if you love her Pinterest you’re going to go nuts for her Youtube channel! The channel is run by Joy Cho, a graphic designer who has concentrated her passions in life (food, fashion and design) into colourful, innovative, fun videos. This channel is ideal for people who don’t want complex ideas to contend with. This channel is all about the simple things, but shown and played with in a really creative way.


Dazzle DIY

This channel is perfect for people who like to think outside the box, who aren’t looking for basic instruction, but more fun and creative projects. The instructions are clear and concise, but the ideas are really creative and fun.


Clean My Space – Melissa Maker

This channel is the go to channel for solutions to common problems. The DIY is centred around cleaning and deals with basic problems, all the way to really challenging cleaning issues many of us face. The best part of the channel is the recipes for homemade cleaning solutions. This is the ideal channel for those amongst you who are happy with their home, but want to give it a fantastic refresh. Maybe the wall tiles need a clean, or you want to learn how to clean using natural products – follow the videos on this channel and you’ll have a dazzling home in no time.



This is a DIY channel for the true creatives amongst us. It’s bright, young and fun and shows you all kinds of how to’s from upcycling shirts to making your own cake pops. It’s not completely home design orientated but many of the techniques can easily be applied to home improvements. The Tie Dye soap and bleach t shirts inparticular are fantastic instructional videos that can help you make something completely unique for your home. How great would a tie dye soap look against your neutral wall tiles?


Tommy’s Trade Secrets

This is the ideal channel for people who want the most basic, clear instructions for simple DIY jobs. There are a lot of videos relating to tiling, from how to add wall tiles to a shower, to how to cut porcelain tiles. It’s certainly not the most colourful or fun of Youtube channels, but the practical ‘straight to it’ advice is fantastic.


HGTV Handmade

This is a well designed Youtube channel showcasing all kinds of videos from fun activities like DIY easy fabric flowers, to practical stuff like find and plan your new space when moving home. As there are a few different ladies posting ideas, there is something for everyone on here, including lots of fantastic ideas.



Threadbanger showcases truly innovative interior design ideas as well as simple fun DIY projects for you to try out. There are lots of fun activities like creating a mosaic floor tile bird bath and creating a DIY shadow chandelier, to more practical videos like removing red wine stains with white wine and how to make a DIY watermelon phone charger.

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