Whether you’ve always wanted a property with a Spanish appearance or you’re updating the look of your home before you sell, achieving a Mediterranean style can do wonders. Spanish architecture is unique, eye-catching and instantly recognisable. From the iconic red roof tiles to the timeless stucco walls, there’s much to like about this type of home. 

If you are interested in achieving a true Spanish look, it’s really worth doing your research to understand the nuances of the design. Here we take a look at some of the steps that you need to take in order to get that stunning Spanish look for your property. 

Stunning Spanish colourful tiled stairway
Image Credit: Fresh Design Blog

Take inspiration from the real thing

Perhaps the best way to decorate your home in a Spanish style is to take your inspiration directly from the source. To truly get the most from your Spanish styling, you need to understand how Spanish properties work – how elements of the style blend together. If you can’t make it out to Spain for some time, you’ll have to make do with virtual viewings.

Take a look at some Spanish estate agents specialising in the kind of properties that you are interested in. Whether you are looking to match the style of a stunning beachside property or prefer the aesthetic of a mountainside villa, find an estate agent that offers the kinds of properties you want your home to look like, and direct inspiration. 

Keep the exterior classic

The white exterior walls of these Spanish properties are enhancing by colourful edges
Image credit: Fresh Design Blog

We have already mentioned that the most traditional look for Spanish properties is the timeless combination of white walls and red roof tiles. It’s a great start to stick with this formula if you want a recognisable Mediterranean appearance for your home. Textured walls are generally best, and stucco is definitely a popular option in Spain. 

The abundance of red clay in Spain makes rustic terracotta tiles the optimal choice. This can be an expensive part of your design, but they are really worth it. To offset this relatively minimalist look, a grand wooden front door really brings the exterior together. There’s no need to add too much more to this classy combination. 

Pay attention to the driveway

It’s a great idea to change your driveway, if you want to get a real Mediterranean flavour at the front of the house. Concrete or tarmac just don’t look right in front of the more traditional Spanish look you are creating. A better choice would be a driveway made with brick or natural stone. 

Patterns are best on the floor

Moving inside, we see a theme occurring, which is the reference in the use of light and neutral colours on the walls. Off-white and cream are common in Spanish homes, not because these properties are devoid of colour, but because they achieve it elsewhere. If you want to get creative, it’s a good move to do it beneath your feet.

Spanish homes often use floor tiles in every room of the house, and these tiles are typically different. Stunning patterned looks can go really well here – and it functions as a brilliant way to add individuality to each room. This can be the place to move away from the earthier tones of the walls and ceilings, and utilise blues, greens and other vibrant colours. 

Make use of natural light

Green houseplant against a while wall
Photo by Jessica Arends on Unsplash

Spain famously gets a very high number of sunshine hours every year – so perhaps it is not surprising that using a lot of natural light is a common feature in their properties. Adding windows to the structure of your home might not be possible, but you can use large mirrors to better distribute natural light around the rooms. 

This is part of the reason it can be so sensible to use lighter coloured walls – it helps to bounce light around. 

Accent with iron and timber

It is a good idea to use small stylistic flourishes to really bring the best out of your Spanish-style property. Mediterranean homes often use natural materials to accent – wrought iron is common, as is timber and wood. Iron bannisters and balustrades make for a truly iconic look, while natural wood shelving adds depth to rooms. 

Spanish and Mediterranean style properties can really help your home to stand out on the market, if you are thinking of selling. If not, this can just be a brilliant way to add character to the property as a whole 

Featured image credit: Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


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