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Have a read of some effective, easy ways to protect your garden furniture from various weather types.

The weather in the UK runs on four seasons – Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Within these four seasons we see rain, sunshine, snow, wind, hail and everything in between. These weather fronts can be damaging to garden furniture, particularly if you keep your garden furniture out all year round, rather than keeping it in cheap self storage over winter.

To help you, here are some handy tips to protect your garden furniture from all kinds of weather damage:

Sun Damage

Usually the sunshine is something to be excited about in a British garden. It is a time to pop the barbecue on and get some much needed outdoor time. For your patio furniture though, it could cause fading, warping and general degrading over time.

The best way to avoid patio furniture sun damage is to move it inside between uses, if you have room in your garage or shed. Cheap self storage is a good option if you won’t be using it for an extended period of time.

Alternatively you could use sun umbrellas, patio covers, awning or even just some tarpaulin to protect the furniture from UV rays.

UV protection spray is another great product to use, but this should be applied regardless of whether you use other protections as it will boost the longevity of your furniture.

Rain Damage

A top priority for rain damage protection of most furniture is the right varnish and treatment. You don’t need it for plastic furniture of course, but for everything else it is really important. In addition, waterproof patio covers and other furniture covers are a great idea for garden furniture, especially in summer when you’re unlikely to put it into cheap self storage for long-term protection.

Any soft furnishings should be moved inside between each use just in case they get caught in a shower. A waterproof outdoor storage box can work well for this kind of use as it protects the cushions from the weather, as well as dust, debris and pests, which can commonly be an issue with garage storage.

Frost, Snow & Hail Damage

Freezing can cause outdoor furniture to crack because moisture from humidity, fog or rain collects inside the furniture material and when it freezes it expands and causes damage. Of all materials, it is wood that is most likely to be affected by this issue although aluminium frames with holes can allow water to collect inside.

If the freezing doesn’t do any damage, if moisture is in the frame, mould and mildew could instead cause a problem.

This is why furniture is usually best kept inside over winter because even complete, waterproof covers, unless they encompass the furniture completely, cannot fully protect against frost and freezing temperatures. If you can’t use cheap self storage or a garage, do your best to encompass the furniture to keep moisture out with the most waterproof and durable cover you can afford.

Salt Damage

If you live near the sea it may be that your furniture is prone to salt damage, especially during storms and windy periods of time. Salt is particularly corrosive to metal furniture frames.

Because the salt is in the air, unless the furniture is totally protected, salt will find a way in.

Ideally, you will protect your furniture by using covers between uses in Summer, and then store it in a cheap storage unit in winter. If that is not possible, protective varnishes can help in addition to effective covering over Winter.

It is also important you test your furniture out without sitting on it before using it after it has been left to the elements. This will help you diagnose any weakness caused by salt corrosion without finding out in a way that could cause injury.

The tips above can help you to protect garden furniture from the various weather fronts we experience here in the UK. Ideally, you can utilise some sort of good storage for garden furniture in winter. It can also help to ask your local DIY store for advice on the best products to use to protect your furniture day to day.

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