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Many family homes are overran by clutter, whether it’s piles of toys, books, washing or paperwork, it can be tough to keep on top of so much clutter. But even with kids, it can be possible to live clutter free – here’s how.

In any household, there is a natural accumulation of clutter over time, regardless of whether you’re living on your own or as part of a busy family household. However, the latter naturally create more clutter, just the sheer increase in people for a start, but tie that in with kids it’s a whole different ball game. Although it doesn’t have to be if you follow our hints on living clutter free with kids of any age.

Everything has a home

When it comes to decluttering, it’s important to make sure every item in your household has a designated home. For example, chairs aren’t there to hang jackets or bags on, get some hooks by the front door that are in reach of all family members, so they can put these items away themselves. Similarly, making a conscious effort to keep your floors and surfaces clutter free will make sure you put everything away in its rightful place and make finding belongings much easier too.

Get Ruthless

Storage can be a major issue in many family homes, especially when you have to factor in an abundance of toys, gadgets and such, but this doesn’t mean you should just give up all together. Take the time to go through everyone’s belongings and be ruthless to free up valuable space to better organise the things you do use. Keep anything of sentimental value of course, but be realistic about what you really need and what you actually use. If you haven’t used it or worn it for over a year, get rid; whether it’s putting items in storage, selling it, donating to charity shops or throwing it away.

Set some ground rules

To maintain a clutter free home it is imperative to set some ground rules that every family member should follow. One instance of someone not putting their pots away or tidying their toys up before bedtime can easily result in other’s flouting the rules, having a snowball effect. Naturally little ones can’t be fully involved, but as soon as they’re old enough you should encourage them to clear away their toys and tidy up, as this positive mind-set will stay with them for life. With less clutter and everything in its designated place, up keeping no-clutter rules and putting everything away should be much easier, providing you remain committed to the cause.

Continual Cleansing

A good attitude to have towards decluttering is that it’s a cleansing process and one that should continually occur. There’s no point in going to a whole lot of effort to achieve a clutter free home, only to let things slide a few months/years down the line and be back to square one. Continually reviewing your possessions and decluttering will help you to keep your home clutter free and make sure you utilise everything in your home on most days.

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