self storage can help you have a better christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and self storage can help. These 5 reasons show you exactly how self storage can help you have a better Christmas.


At Christmas, there is a lot of need for extra space and most of us wish we could have an extra room or five to help with tasks like storing gifts, putting up relatives and other Christmas specific needs. Self storage could be the right answer for your need for extra space this season and here are just 5 reasons why:

  1. Gifts Can Be Stored Without Being Found

If you have a big family it can be a nightmare storing gifts at home let alone hiding anything you don’t want the kids to find. It may seem counter-intuitive to store items that you want to keep safe away from your home which you associate with being your safe place. However, self storage units are designed to be safe because unit owners know that they won’t get any business unless their storage offerings are the safest around. You should expect CCTV, key code gates, locks, 24/7 reception, security guards, more than adequate lighting and more. Your gifts will be safer in the right self storage unit than in your home, and the kids definitely won’t find them there!

2. You Can Make Space For Your Decorations

Decorations go everywhere, not just on the tree. With self storage you can store tables, sofas, accessories and ornaments to make room for your Christmas decorations. It also means you can make room to enjoy Christmas as well, so there is space for the kids to play with their new toys, for the family to play games together and for you all to enjoy your home during this rare quality time together.

3. Clear The Spare Room For Guests

The spare room may well be made up, but for many of us, spare rooms are full of everything we don’t know what to do with. Hobby items, boxes of items we meant to donate to charity, gifts, off-season wardrobes and more. At Christmas we have family and friends coming to visit and so we need that extra space. Cheap self storage offers a space where you can store items from your spare room, enabling you to make up the spare room for family and friends to come and visit.

4. Declutter & Store Ready To Sell After Christmas

Over the season of excess we often have to part with a lot of items because there isn’t room to keep everything – everybody needs more space at Christmas. Decluttering occurs for many all the way through Christmas but especially after Christmas when we replace old items with new gifts and when we unfortunately need to get rid of gifts we didn’t really want. With Christmas being so busy it can be hard to list items online, or go and sell the items on a car boot (many car boots don’t start until Spring). With cheap self storage you can store all of the items you plan to sell on, until you have time to sort them through properly.

5. Keeping Items Secure When You Go Away For Christmas

Many people choose to visit relatives over Christmas, or go to a sunny climate out of the country. If you plan to leave your home over Christmas it could be worth saving yourself the worry of getting broken into by storing your most treasured items in storage.

There’s always a need for extra space, but especially at Christmas. Why not consider using self storage to make your Christmas merrier this year? And when the festivities are over you’ll be able to store your Christmas decorations safely until next year!

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