beautiful living space with comfy sofa (600 x 600)

All styles and trends are cyclical. Things that were current in the 1980s suddenly became very popular in the previous decade. Music fans hunted down vinyl records again and neon patterns were considered a relevant choice of decoration.

Now it seems that fashion is leaning more toward 90s and early 00s. As such, let’s look at the new interior design styles that are likely to come back in 2022.

Wood Panelled Kitchens

Oh yes. Wooden kitchen cabinets were once the height of interior fashion, and it looks as if they are set to make a comeback.

The light colour pallet from wooden worktops was all the rage in the early 1960s. Lighter colours were chosen back then to create the impression of light in a room. Lightbulbs weren’t as powerful as now, so the wood panelled surfaces were necessary.

It seems that someone has kept this style deep in their heart for a long time, as panelled cupboards and kitchen surfaces are becoming the norm. Expect to see a lot of new kitchens decorated this way in 2022, even though our lightbulbs work perfectly well.


beautiful living space with comfy sofa (600 x 600)

Sofa Covers

Sofa covers were initially invented to be used out of necessity instead of a fashion choice. These extra sofa sheets were often seen in 70s homes and were extremely practical pieces of kit. If someone made a mess on the sofa, you could just strip and wash the cover without any fuss. If the cover became stained, it was far cheaper to purchase a new cover than saving up to buy a new sofa.

This handy cover disappeared from favour around the early 80s and wasn’t seen again in modern homes. It’s a shame really, given how practical they were.

However, the sofa cover is slowly creeping back into public consciousness. The going trend seems to be purchasing multiple colours to swap the style around when it suits you, but they still remain as useful as ever.


Stunning brass taps in a marble sink
Photo by Watermark Designs on Unsplash

Moving on to the bathroom next and you may be feeling a little confused. Surely there is no replacement for the easy-to-clean stainless steel taps and pipes?

Unfortunately, it seems as if there is going to be a huge upheaval in what is considered stylish for a home bathroom. Stainless steel is reliable, but it does leave a room feeling cold. That is why brass is making its comeback in 2022.

Brass is a darker substance, which means that it can have a warming effect. This warmer glow is exactly what you want to experience as you step out of the shower into the cold air. Also, brass doesn’t show dirt as clearly as steel, which means you can get away with not cleaning the stuff for longer.


Contemporary hanging chair made from wicker
Photo by Ahmed Amir on Unsplash

A lot of people consider wicker to be the boomerang of home furniture. It was originally used as a cheap method of crafting furniture in the 30s, and then it made a comeback in the 70s and again in the late 80s. You can still see wicker used for garden furniture, but it seemed that wicker had fully left the home for good once the 1990s hit.

Now it is time to dust off those old seats in your grandma’s attic as wicker is making the rounds again as the new go to seating option. This style seems to fit with the current minimalist approach to decorating, so it is no surprise to see it on this list. However, you would have thought that someone would have come up with an equally minimalist alternative by now.

Arcade Machines

Vinyl made a triumphant return to our shelves last decade. Thanks to the updated players, the passion for this lost relic from the late 70s and early 80s was reinvigorated.

Now our obsession with technology is jumping forward in time, as people are now looking to the late 80s for their entertainment fix. This period saw the rise of the arcade, a place where the avid videogame player could be called king.

These machines aren’t as complicated to replicate as they once were, and people are finding it easy to slot these cabinets into their own home. Take a look at a business such as Arcade Depot, available at and find some of the classic cabinets such as Pacman with modern evolutions. This means you could have an arcade machine act as a table, all in working condition. Video game technology has come along leaps and bounds in the last forty years.

House Plants

Interior of a bedroom decorated with design trends
Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

The world is moving in a more eco-friendly direction. Therefore, it makes sense that everyone is trying to do their bit by including more house plants into their living space.

Houseplants were all the rage in the 1970s, mainly used to draw attention to a specific section of a room. Now, this splash of greenery is both helpful for the environment, and fits nicely with the wicker furniture.


You don’t have to instantly follow every trend that comes along. These are just a few ideas you could use to spruce up your home for the coming year, while also staying in fashion.

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