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When it comes to home decorating trends, one thing is certain – they have an expiration date. In other words, trends are by definition fleeting; they go as fast as they come. You probably loved your colorful wallpapers and shabby chic decor in the 2000s, but now you can’t imagine having this in your home. That’s called a trend. On the other hand, certain design elements have proudly stood the test of time for many years. They aid in achieving a timeless and classic look in your home. These elements are the perfect representation of the past, present, and future. Therefore, if you want to achieve this look in your home, you’ll have to follow the rules of timeless home design.

Go with the symmetry

One of the essential rules of timeless home design is creating symmetry. The human eye is attracted to harmony and balance, which you can achieve with symmetry. So, it’s only logical that a symmetric look never goes out of style. So, what can you do to accomplish this? First, you want to balance statement pieces in pairs against the focal points. This means having one focal point in the room but accessorizing it with pairs.

So, when it comes to styling bookcases, mantels, or shelves, it’s always a good idea to use odd numbers for better visual representation. Additionally, experts suggest placing two identical chairs against one focal sofa. Balancing design elements in this way is classic and timeless. 

Focal points are a must

Every timeless home has a focal point. They are must-haves when it comes to classic design. The main goal of focal points is to attract your attention and give your eyes a place to rest. If you lack a focal point in the room, or there is more than one, it can create a sense of chaos. In other words, focal points create a natural order in the room.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a natural focal point in your home, such as a built-in mantelpiece or massive picture windows. However, it’s always a good idea to create one if you don’t. Look around the room and establish what is the area of the room your eyes are naturally drawn to. There, you can create a focal point on your own. You can do this with artwork, architecture, or unique furniture. 

Pick a traditional color palette

Color palette plays a significant role in home design. The style you want for your home highly depends on the color palette you choose. For a timeless look, neutral colors are always the correct answer. There is nothing more classic than various white, grey, and beige shades. In addition, neutrals are ideal for highlighting a particular area or space without overwhelming it. These colors are popular for walls because they provide a beautiful backdrop for bright artwork, ornamental accessories, and formal furniture. On the other hand, navy blue and dark green are also considered timeless shades. So, pick your favorite color palette and integrate it into your home to achieve a classic design.

Color palette book

Choose classic patterns

Classic patterns like damasks, florals, stripes, and plaids are part of what provides a space of timeless elegance. One of the rules of timeless home design is to avoid fashionable prints like chevrons, animal patterns, and bold geometrics as a general rule. We’re not saying they can’t look lovely in classic settings if used correctly, but there’s no assurance that these contemporary prints will endure the test of time.

Furthermore, it’s also a good idea to utilize at least three designs in a single area, each with a different scale. It’s also crucial to appropriately disperse the patterns across the space. If the majority of patterns are on one side of the room, the entire area will appear imbalanced, and the symmetry of the room will be disrupted.

Focus on clean lines

We talked about colors, patterns, and the general organization of decoration. Now, let’s focus on shapes and lines. If you want to enhance the elements of home decor mentioned above and create a timeless look at the same time, we suggest focusing on clean lines. Clean lines characterize the physical space, ensuring that everything you put in it is oriented symmetrically.

Additionally, spend time looking at and evaluating the entire area you wish to design to incorporate clean lines. Anything that stands out should be noted. It would be best to keep an eye on which objects clash with the rest of the room’s design and which spaces appear cluttered. Clean lines give every room a sophisticated look. And sophisticated never goes out of style.

Use natural elements 

If you want to create a timeless look in your home, you can’t overlook natural elements. You can use them for furnishing, floors, and kitchen or bathroom countertops. Wood should be your first pick, whether you’re installing new floors or choosing furniture for your living room. Incorporating natural elements such as wood will help you create an inviting living room everybody wants to have in their home. When it comes to great living room decorating ideas, this is definitely the one to consider.  Besides wood, stunning and timeless natural materials for kitchens and baths include brick, stone, and marble. These materials instantly add an elegant vibe to the room. And let’s be honest, this is something everybody seeks. All in all, natural elements may give a room a modern feel while also ensuring that it has a timeless vibe.

Hardwood floors

Avoid current trends

As we mentioned at the very beginning of this article, trends are not timeless. In reality, trends seldom survive more than a few years, and they almost always have built-in expiration dates. A trend that has passed its prime may instantly date a space, making it difficult to counteract whatever else you add to it.

However, in modest doses, you may still have fun with trends. For example, if you truly want to employ a specific trending color, bring it in with simple, easy-to-change objects like cushions and blankets. Don’t waste a lot of visual space on fashionable items like a sofa or window design. Keep it minimal and discreet if you want a timeless look.

Embrace quality

Following the rules of timeless home design also means embracing quality when it comes to furniture, materials, and accessories. Low-quality furniture will not only fall apart in a few years, but it will also give your space a shabby appearance. The same goes for low-cost material. It gives out a low-quality vibe across the room. On the other hand, high-quality pieces will endure for many years and provide a strong feeling of character and purpose to your space. Therefore, filling your home with inexpensive items is not the way to go if you want to create a timeless look. Additionally, you can always display vintage and upcycled pieces, but quality should always be on your mind. 

Display art smartly 

This rule is basic, yet it appears to have a significant influence on bringing out the timeless beauty of any home. You are free to utilize photographs, paintings, or any other works of art. Make sure your chosen items compliment your current materials, accessories, and furniture, as well as your unique preferences. If you already own any artwork, you might want to consider finding unique and innovative methods to repurpose it.

Accessories in the room

Conclusion All the rules of timeless home design come to one crucial thing – keep it simple. Therefore, simplicity is the key to a timeless look. So, try and incorporate it into everything you do when it comes to home decor – colors, patterns, shapes, and lines. This is how you’ll create an elegant vibe in your home, and we all know elegance never goes out of style.

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