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When it comes to interior decorating, everyone has their taste and approach. Even so, there will always be a few rules that should be followed. As time moves forward, so do many of these rules. Trends come and go. In 2022, we have seen many older interior design trends come back from the past, and while some of them gave excellent results, some should have stayed in the past where they belong.

1. Minimalism

Monochromatic, usually all-white, minimalist interiors were all the rage in 2022. However, this trend truly has run its course. Millennials first popularized it since their primary residences were smaller apartments and townhouses. The simplicity and light coloring helped make these smaller spaces feel breathable. Another perk of minimalism is that it made people declutter on a mass scale.

A room with minimalist interior design

While this trend is fantastic for opening up small spaces, the problem came when people who owned larger properties saw it on the internet. Minimalism makes large areas feel cold and soulless. It makes your house look like an office space.

This season, its time to have a little more fun when it comes to decorating and designing the interior of your home. Let’s go through a couple of design ideas sure to spruce up your home.

The sofa

Seeing as the sofa is the center point of the living room, choosing the right one is always important. The sofa should be the focal point of your design and break away from the rest of the room. Minimalism took that and any other form of personality away from rooms.

Color pallets and wallpapers

It’s time to move away from white and beige. Be adventurous. For example, you could use blue and gold for a fancy, regal look in your bedroom.

Tchotchkes don’t have to cause clutter

The minimalist mentality of decluttering is fantastic. However, too little can also be too much. A few pictures and tchotchkes can go a long way in making your home more personal. Try to find a healthy balance.

2. The catalog look

Because a team of professional interior designers made an effort to put together a cohesive and modern look for the front page of a magazine, copying it may seem like a good idea. However, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be tricked by this thought. You might end up going to your neighbor’s home and seeing your own living room. Allowing yourself to embrace your personality is a huge part of interior design.

Pro tip: While you definitely shouldn’t copy catalogs, you should, instead, take inspiration from them. Use them as a base you can build using your tastes and preferences.

3. Rooms that don’t have a clear purpose

Rooms like basements and attics have been used as extra storage for trash you’ll never use again. One of the saddest interior design trends that should be left in 2022 is overlooking the potential in these rooms. A great example of how you can use them would be to set up a rec room inside your home. Doing this is usually less effort than people think. However, it can also be a lot more pricey than people think. But that’s where your creativity comes in. This space doesn’t have to be used for watching movies and playing pool. You can turn it into an art inspiration room or a meditation den. With all that extra square footage, the possibilities are endless.

A basement designed to fit the purpose of a bedroom

Another great benefit to leaving this design trend in the past is that, in the long run, it makes relocating much more effortless. It does this by forcing you to declutter all the spaces filled with things you don’t need, making your move more manageable and less expensive.

4. Contrasts that don’t make sense

A huge decorating mistake many people make is going overboard with contrasts. Your home should be more of a heterogeneous space, and you should play with colors and shapes to avoid dull-looking rooms. However, there is a clear line that you have to draw here. Some of the best examples of using contrasting and opposing sides of the coin to your advantage are:

  1. black and white materials,
  2. dark and light wood,
  3. different textures.

Let’s learn a few of the best examples of what you should avoid this season:

  1. Mixing opposite colors that don’t match well – An example would be purple and yellow.
  2. Natural wood and stone – These are a strange pair. The same goes for mixing yellow and grey limestone. They feel off to the viewer.
  3. Yellow and cold-toned light fixtures shouldn’t be mixed – This makes the lighting look like patchwork.

5. Word-based decor

A graphic decoration with a message

The word-based decor is one of the tackiest interior design trends in recent years, from neon signs with quirky sayings in your kitchen to wooden and plastic cliche decor pieces for the bedroom. All of these surely need to stay in 2022. We have previously talked about how specific tchotchkes can be great for adding personality to a room. However, sticking a framed poster with an empty, fake motivational message is not that.

A better way to do this would be to try and represent the idea that the words on the poster get across by using something personal to you. For instance, if the sign says “Live Free,” you could instead post a framed picture of yourself when you felt most free.

6. Gendered nurseries

To finish off, we would like to talk about one of the worst and tackiest design trends, which has become almost a tradition. One of the most significant home renovation projects comes when the family is about to get bigger, bringing a substantial brand new redesign element as well. This is a great chance to start parting with one of the most archaic interior design trends that should be left behind. That is, of course, gendered nurseries. Turning an entire room blue or pink based on what gender your baby will be is not only tacky but also doesn’t make any financial sense. Your kid will grow out of it very soon and ask for something different. Don’t get us wrong. It’s okay to put some pink toys in your daughter’s nursery. But, if you know that she’ll ask you to repaint the walls and switch out the hot pink furniture in a few years, it’s better to stick with regular wood furniture that she’ll like much longer.

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