improve hygiene in the home

Find out how to make your home cleaner, fresher, and generally improve hygiene with these 6 easy tips.

Hygiene in the home is important to every homeowner, but it isn’t always that easy to achieve when you have pets and children who seem to be constantly working to add mess to things you have only just cleaned. On top of those common hurdles every family deals with, there could be parts of your home actively working against your hygiene efforts. Certain surfaces and aspects of your home decor could well be making things harder than they have to be.

Take a look at these 6 tips to improve hygiene in the home with a change in decor:

1. Change Your Grout

Floor tiles and wall tiles are an incredibly hygienic surface to choose, but they stop being that hygienic if your grout is mouldy. Switch out the grout for new, clean grout and you’ll find you have less mould and more bright, white surfaces to maintain.

2. Switch Up Your Flooring

Certain types of flooring are more likely to provide a home for dust, debris and germs to thrive. Raw concrete and carpet in particular are terrible for harbouring dust and germs. So to improve hygiene switch carpet and concrete for surfaces that are easier to clean such as floor tiles and laminate. Cork flooring in particular is fantastic for being hygienic and is even hypoallergenic: ideal for a family home.

3. Watch Out For Damp

Damp can cause mould and mildew which gets in the air and can cause respiratory issues. At the very least it doesn’t look very nice. Be sure to ventilate spaces and if there is a damp issue, get it looked at by a professional so it doesn’t cause any permanent damage.

4. Change Your Bedsheets More

Skin, sweat and other bodily debris can quickly saturate bedsheets. Although you may think you switch them often enough, it may need to be more often if you want to be more hygienic. Buy some new bedsheets so you always have a fresh set to pop on.

5. Ditch Sponges And Tea Towels More Often

Tea towels and sponges can quickly become the home of a lot of bacteria and germs because of the way they are used. Always have a supply of sponges and tea towels to use when you get rid of old ones that have built up debris.

6. Wash Your Hands

Outside of the home we may wash our hands regularly but in the home it is easy to be more comfortable and be a bit lax. However, placing your hand on surfaces and then touching other surfaces, or your face, or your phone, or your pet, quickly leads to germs being spread across the home. As well as after using the toilet, wash your hands regularly to avoid spreading germs and bacteria throughout the house. Get some nice soap and anti-bacterial gel to encourage regular handwashing in the home.

When you improve hygiene in the home it benefits everyone and will contribute to a better level of health for your whole family. Follow the tips above to benefit from a fresher, cleaner home that’s built to fight germs and bacteria.

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