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Take a look at some of the DIY jobs it is a good idea to complete on your home before the colder months begin to set in.

As Autumn quickly sweeps in, everything gets a bit colder and suddenly, there isn’t the whole of summer to get little jobs done that you might have been putting off in favour of a sunbathe or a barbecue.

The problem is, the more wintery it gets, the more likely certain home improvement jobs are going to be harder to complete. Or worse, the more likely it is that not doing them will cost you time, money and inconvenience.

Whether you plan to stay in your home long-term, move to a new area soon or are even planning an international move it makes sense to tackle home repairs.

Take a look at these essential DIY jobs to complete before winter sets in, so you’re totally prepared for the colder months:

Is Your Boiler In Good Shape?

Getting a boiler serviced is a very menial and boring task, but it is so important for winter. Your boiler helps you keep warm in your home, and getting it serviced will help you avoid having to endure cold showers when the big freeze sets in!

Are Your Chimneys In Good Shape?

Your chimney should be safe and in good shape for the roaring fires you’ll be enjoying when things get colder. If you are unable to check it is safe yourself, get somebody qualified to check it for you and you’ll be ready for toasting marshmallows in no time.

Are There Small Jobs you’re Unlikely To Do In Winter?

Small DIY jobs like fixing up wall tiles in the bathroom, repairing a chipped floor tile in the kitchen, or getting the carpets cleaned could get put by the wayside in winter, but that means they could get worse ready for next spring. This could happen because you are likely to be spending more time inside and using your facilities more often. Try to set aside a ‘small jobs’ weekend before it gets much colder and darker, and you’ll thank yourself for it come next spring when you can focus on more enjoyable home renovations like doing the garden up.

Are Your Window And Door Seals Intact?

You may not have noticed any issues with your seals over summer because there wasn’t much of a draught. However when it gets colder you will notice cold air or moisture finding its way in. Try to fix any seal issues as soon as you can so they don’t affect the inside of your home when it gets colder and wetter outside.

Don’t Forget The Outside Of Your Home

Don’t forget that the outside of your home needs attention too. Check your piping, roof tiles, television aerial, any outdoor electricity or water points, trees and anything else that could go wrong when its raining or stormy. If you spot any issues, getting them fixed now is much better than waiting until it is freezing outside and it is harder to fix things, or the issues have already started to cause problems for you. Remember to take care if repairs need doing at roof level and call in a professional if you need help.

Preparing for winter isn’t a fun thing to do, but it does mean you’re prepared so you can be cosy and safe inside your home over winter. Take a weekend to complete these DIY jobs and get everything fixed and checked, and you’ll be able to relax in the colder months only having to worry about which boxset to enjoy whilst the rain comes down outside.

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