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Estimate the size of moving van that you need to ensure you can get everything where it needs to be without return journeys or paying too much for an oversized vehicle.

When you move home things can be stressful, there’s no getting away from that fact. However, there are plenty of aspects of the move that can be adjusted to run more smoothly, such as ensuring the moving van you use is the right size. The moving van is such an important tool in the moving process if it is too big you pay extra for space you don’t need and if it is too small you are either left paying for extra journeys or you are left with items to transport yourself.

So it definitely pays (literally) to get in the professionals such as specialist packers and movers PackAndGo who will save you time and hassle. But it also pays to know your options so here are some top tips to make sure the moving van you hire is perfect for your needs:

Medium Wheelbase Transit

This is the smallest van you can hire for moving house and it probably isn’t suitable if you’ve got a whole house to move. It is a good option though if you’re moving a bit at a time, or perhaps you’re moving some items into self storage. You can fit around one big piece of furniture like a sofa or bed in the van, or around 25 standard boxes.

Long Wheelbase Transit

A long wheelbase offers you more room than a medium wheel based transit and can take all of the items from one room. It works well for a young couple moving their items to a new home or to cheap self storage.

3.5 Tonne Van

A van of this size can move an entire home with boxes, furniture and other items. This kind of vehicle offers a one-trip move and works well for one or two bedroomed homes.

7.5 Tonne Lorry

This is the largest vehicle available for moving and can move an entire 3 bedroomed home including beds and furniture, plus kitchen items and boxes. You really wouldn’t want to hire this vehicle unless you needed all of this space.

Bigger Options

If you have more to move than a large 3 bedroom house then you will need to use multiple lorries and vans. It may be a case of using several vehicles or making several trips to get the items to your new home or to the cheap self storage unit.

How To Make Sure You Get The Right Size Moving Van

The best thing you can do if you plan to hire the van alone and move yourself is to assess how many boxes and items you need to move, then let the hire company know so they can recommend the right vehicle for you. For larger moves it might be worth using a removal company who will come to your home and assess exactly what you would need to move everything to your home or self storage unit.

Remember to try and be as accurate as possible when it comes to estimating what needs moving. If possible, moving items to a cheap self storage unit in your own time and then slowly moving everything into your new home removes the chance of a manic and stressful moving day where a whole house needs to be moved and in place in 24 hours. With a lot of research and planning you’re more likely to ensure your moving day is as streamlined as possible.

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