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Did anyone else feel like January was a year within itself? I’m not sure if it’s the come down after the festive season, the lack of chocolate, or lack of sunlight, but the last four weeks have felt long.

Today I wanted to talk about bedroom interior design trends for the new year. Long gone are the day of buying a plain divan bed base and maybe some printed bedding and hoping for the best.

The bedroom is now of the most put together rooms in the house – you only have to look at the hashtag #bedroomdecor to see what I mean.

With that said, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, here are three bedroom interior design trends set to dominate 2019. Starting with…

Cardboard bedframe from Happy Beds which is a sustainable furniture option.
Image Credit: Happy Beds

Sustainable Furniture

Sustainability isn’t just about swapping your plastic straw for a cardboard one or eating a little less meat – there are plenty of changes that can be made than can contribute towards a better planet, such as investing in sustainable furniture.

There are a number of sustainable switches that you could make to help, including investing in a cardboard bed. Sustainable furniture is really set to make an introduction this year – a beautiful home while saving the planet, what could be better?

Pink bedroom interior design inspiration from featuring fringed lighting.
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Statement Lighting

Although statement lighting is a design staple in a dining space or living room, for example, it’s the bedroom that welcomes grand illusions this season.

Consider an oversized pendant lamp or chandelier for the centre of the room, but don’t forget about side lighting to create a softer ambience. An interesting design feature I’m seeing a lot of recently is having either sconces by the side of the bed, freeing up space on your bedside table, or having pendant lights hanging from the ceiling, like this idea from Very above.

Saying Good-Bye To Carpet

Laminate and hard floors have been on the rise in the bedroom for the past few years for now, and there is a simple explanation for that. Carpet holds dust and mites, which of course increases the chance of developing an allergy.

Although laminate or floorboards can make a room feel cold, the trick is to invest in a deep pile rug that will brighten up the room and add a sense of warmth when your feet get out of bed on a morning.

Is there an interior design trend here you’ll be investing in 2019? The beauty of all of these is that they’re timeless – in fact, I can only see the growth of sustainably furniture and homeware increasing which is amazing. I’m not sure my style suits a cardboard bed just at this moment, but there’s a great idea for university halls perhaps.

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