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Moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life. Packing up all of your belongings is not easy and then organising to transport them from your old home to your new one in just one day can leave you tearing your hair out if you’re not careful.  However, there are a few tips and tricks that can help turn a stressful situation in to a more calm and organised event. Nobody enjoys the process of moving house but these ten top tricks from our friends at Cambridge Self Storage can help make it just that little bit easier.

1. Make a list…..or 6

Writing things down will be your saving grace when you move home. You might not think it now but you will certainly think it as you begin to pack up your belongings and again when you try to find them all in your new house.

2. Keep a record

Create a simple record system so you know what is in each box and where in your new house it needs to go. You may want to colour code this system to make it easy to see what box goes where when you arrive at your new home. Consider storage units for your most unused boxes and make sure they’re taken to their temporary home first.

3. Moving strategy

No matter if you are moving a short distance or relocating to the other end of the country, organising your moving strategy in plenty of time allows you to organise transport and arrange timings for the big day. You may be employing a moving company or just getting together a few helpful friends with big cars; either way, organising early will cut stress on the day.

4. Keep your movers in the loop

If you know you are going to be moving several big and heavy items then it is vital you let your moving team know beforehand. You don’t want your move delayed because they don’t have enough men to lift your grand piano or enough room in the van for your 3 door fridge freezer. Better still use professional packers and movers such as PackAndGo to avoid additional stress and hassle if you have extra large, unusual of valuable possessions.

5. De-clutter

Take this opportunity to get rid of all the clutter and old clothes in your home as you pack. Gives you less things to pack and you can finally get rid of those flairs you’ve been waiting to come back into fashion.

6. Use your luggage

Use suitcases and duffle bags to transport clothes on your move. They are easily recognisable and you can put in all of your favourite clothes so even if unpacking each box takes millennia, you will still have your favourite jeans and hoodies when you want them.

7. Personalised boxes

Grab a couple of cheap, coloured plastic boxes; one for every member of the household. Everyone can then put in some bits they will need immediately after moving such as phone chargers, a towel, toiletries and a set of bedding. Then no matter what time you arrive at your new home you all have at least the basics to last until you can face the mountain of boxes.

8. Keep important paperwork with you

Birth certificates, passports, etc. should be kept with you during the move and not shoved in a box in the removal van to ensure they are safe and you know exactly where they are.

9. Keep pets out of the way

If you have a pet it is a good idea to find someone to pet-sit them for a day or take them to a kennel or cattery just for the day while you organise the move. A pet is likely to be spooked by all the activity and you run the risk of them running away or just being under your feet throughout the move.

10. Keep the tea bags and cups handy

Pack your cups, kettle, tea bags and milk last as moving house is thirsty work! A good brew has the power to make things seem brighter and your moving men will sure appreciate a good cuppa too. Following the tips above can make your house move much e

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