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New cycle and new beginnings – spring is the perfect time for some fresh ideas that give your home a new look. Like a deep spring clean, some renovation projects can make your home look new and provide a new dimension that you’re too familiar with. This article will be an inspiration for changes – here are the top 7 spring renovation ideas for your home. Spoiler alert – it will be hard to choose a favorite!

Why is spring the best time for home projects?

 Indeed, house renovation requires time, energy, and money to do it right. However, there are several reasons why you should choose one of the suggestions we’ll present later in this post. Spring is suitable for renovations because:

  • It symbolizes new beginnings, which can be very motivational and make all the work a lot easier and more satisfying;
  • The weather is perfect – this can depend on where you live, but if March, April, and May are usual spring months, you can expect fantastic weather to do your projects. It’s neither too hot nor too cold, so it’s the perfect time to roll up your sleeves;
  • Renovations are a great way to fix some issues in your house that have been bothering you for years. These could be related to space, light situation, comfort, etc. Either way, you’ll finally sort out these problems and enjoy your home better;
  • Spring and renovations give a new perspective to the upcoming year – The updated environment will motivate you better and help you be more productive – especially if you’re working from home.
  • Increase the value of your home – carefully picking renovations will give you a chance to increase the value of your property. Therefore, if you decide to sell in the summer, you can expect a faster and more successful sale.

What spring renovation ideas should you focus on this spring?

Our selection of the top spring renovation ideas for your home was made with special consideration of effectiveness and practicality, good budget-value ratio, and overall effect on the property. Here are the wisest options you should choose from if you decide to update your home this spring.

Replacing windows

Replacing your windows can have a twofold effect. Firstly, you’ll get a new set of windows that will maintain the inner temperature better. Secondly, you can let more natural light in. Opting for bigger windows can change the whole atmosphere in a room or house. Allowing the sunshine in will make the room brighter, make the furniture stand out, and help your family feel better on those sunny days. Even during the winter and autumn months, it’s better to have more light in the house.

natural light on a spring plant

Painting the walls

Once you let more sunshine in, you can start noticing it’s time for a fresh coat of paint on your walls. This doesn’t need to be an expensive spring renovation project, but it can significantly change your home. If you’re planning to sell, consider light, neutral colors that will fit anyone’s taste, as they are considered to be a home design idea that never goes out of style. Remember: projects such as painting involve a lot of dust, paint stains, and other mess around the house. Make sure you protect your furniture from damage by covering it with special protectors. Even better, you can rent a storage unit and store your items in it until all the work is done. You should know that there are many advantages of renting self-storage while renovating – and less cleaning is undoubtedly one of them.

ladders and other supplies for painting walls

Improve your home’s storage capacity

One feature that sells a home fast is practical storage. Think about your home and see what the nooks that could become additional storage are. The space under the stairs is a great option. Also, the stairs themselves can become drawers that can hold a lot of shoes or seasonal clothes. Be creative and find out how to make your home more spacious and comfortable.

Kitchen updates

The room where you probably spend most of your time is the kitchen. So why don’t you give it a new look this spring? You can do tons of things with your kitchen, depending on your budget and free time. Replacing the old kitchen cabinets door is an easy way to give your kitchen a whole new look. Even painting them will do a great job. Don’t forget to replace the handles, add some new cutlery, and there you have it – the old kitchen in a new, spring robe! If you are renovating an old house, the kitchen will present one of the biggest challenges. But this is a challenge one can tackle. 

Plumbing and electrical systems check-up

This type of project is not only for the good looks of your home but also for safety. Checking the plumbing and electrical system and making necessary changes will increase safety and minimize the risks of unexpected damage. To make this project more decorative, you can replace the switches, add some decorative lighting and completely change the look of your home.

floor plan and tools

Go outside

The outside of your home may need a touch-up. Consider updating your porch with a fresh layer of deck floors, getting it ready for the summer season. Also, don’t’ forget the small details that make a big difference – add potted plants, a rug, some outdoor lights, etc.

Finish a project that has been waiting for too long

Almost every home has a space that’s not finished yet or has been waiting for a touch-up for years. Usually, it’s a place like a garage, basement, pantry, etc. If there’s a room that hasn’t been tackled yet – this spring is the best time to do it. Drywalling, painting, flooring – everything is much easier when the sun is finally out.

Plan your renovations well

Surely, it’s tempting to put all of these spring renovation ideas in motion with the arrival of sunny days. However, even smaller projects need proper time, money, and effort planning. Insufficient planning can lead to later finish dates, overspending, and finally giving up before everything is done. That’s why you should take your time and make a solid plan that is easy and possible to do. Make your home look beautiful for the summer!

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