Upgrade your kerb Appeal with Landscaping

Upgrading your kerb appeal can make your house more inviting and desirable, whether you’re planning on selling your home or living in it for years to come. There are dozens of ways to spruce up your exterior, but big projects like re-landscaping your entire garden or changing the colour of your home can be expensive and time consuming.


You can easily upgrade your kerb appeal with less drastic changes, including tons of easy-to-implement landscaping elements. Many people think of landscaping as permanent changes that have to be designed by a professional. However, adding greenery and other elements is a great way to update your property without going overboard. Potted plants, small accents and coloured mulch can change the entire feel of your garden!


  1. Add Cohesive Planters Throughout Your Front Garden

All of your pots and planters don’t have to match exactly, but you can choose containers for your greenery that help tie everything together. Unify your path, porch and mailbox with complementary pots. Coordinated pots can even help bring neglected corners of your front garden to life. Choose a few colours, shapes and materials that work well together, as well as with your home’s colour and style, and the plants you’d like to use. Consider choosing classic terra cotta paired with galvanized metal. For a more modern look, mix concrete planters and shiny metallics.


  1. Let Your Decor do Double Duty

Choose decorations for your front garden that also serve a purpose. Think pretty watering cans, matching hand tools and a weather-proof basket to store them in. Even if you don’t keep these items outside all the time, this way they won’t be off-putting to passersby if you forget to bring them into the shed after weeding or watering. Choose a watering can that will look at home among your planters, is big enough to water pots outside the reach of your hose and small enough that you can carry it when full!


  1. Install a Wandering Path

Laying stones to connect different areas of your front garden will look nice and protect your grass in high-traffic areas. It’s not difficult to install a path yourself, especially with flat stones from a local garden center or quarry. Choosing stones instead of pavers will allow your path to look great, even if the stones are a little misshapen and not lined up perfectly. Line the path with a permanent flower bed, or let it stand on its own.


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  1. Plant a Vegetable Garden

What if your landscaping could also be part of dinner? Tomatoes, green beans, squash and herbs are all easy to grow, even in large planters or raised beds. No matter what size your garden is, veggies add colour, texture and a variety of heights without too much maintenance. Plus, you can add them to just about any summer meal!


  1. Mulch Flower Beds with Bold Colours

You can change the entire look of your landscaping by choosing a different colour of mulch. Very light or very dark mulch helps greenery stand out and unifies different flower beds throughout your property. Make sure to choose an option that’s free of harmful dyes to keep kids and pets safe. Mulch is also a great way to keep flower beds weed-free and save water, especially in warm summer months.



  1. Choose Interesting Rocks for a Maintenance-Free Statement

Big rocks with unique shapes add diversity to your landscaping, and you don’t even need thumbs to care for them, let alone a green thumb! Whether you find rocks meant for landscaping at your local garden centre or accidentally dig a few up when planting other areas of your front garden, it’s not hard to choose a collection of stones and arrange them among greenery.


Have you recently upgraded your kerb appeal with landscaping? Let me know how you did it in the comments below!


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