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Storage is always an issue for people, which is why we’ve created this article full of quick and easy storage ideas for the home.


Storage is an issue for everyone and anyone. Even in the largest homes you’ll find an ‘everything and anything’ draw, cupboard full of random items or a perfectly usable room designated as a ‘storage room’. This isn’t a good thing and means a lot of the time we’re filling up areas or furniture, with random items that never get used or utilised because they don’t have a specific ‘place’. Plus, it never looks good to a visitor to open a drawer or cupboard and see a domestic jumble sale in an otherwise well designed and attractive home. Of course you can always consider self storage as an alternative to decluttering, which will leave you with plenty of free space at home but that’s not always practical for things you use on a regular basis and nor do you want to be paying to store things you don’t really need. But for smaller items, you’ll probably want to keep them at home, which is why we’ve created this useful article giving you some easy storage ideas for the home:


Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery boxes are beautiful, strong and practical. However, through gift giving and our general love of shopping we can end up with way more than we would ever need to store our jewellery. But that doesn’t mean we should throw them away! Why not use an unwanted jewellery box to store makeup, toiletries or stationary? If you are planning on putting items into self storage, a jewellery box can be a really good way to store them efficiently within the unit.


Shower Curtain Hooks

Plastic or metal shower curtain hooks can be really useful, and if you replace your shower curtain regularly it’s likely you’re left with a heap of unused hooks with no use – until now! Hook them onto a wardrobe bar and use them to hang scarves and bags. Or you could hook them onto a freestanding clothes rail and do the same thing.


Tissue Boxes

Tissue boxes are actually quite strong and if you invest in an attractive box with a pattern on, they can look quite nice as storage items too. One great use for them is for storing carrier bags. Carrier bags can literally fill drawers and overtake your kitchen in the space of a few weeks, so it’s important to keep them within easy reach but also well and truly stored away. Tissue boxes are perfect for this job, you simply stuff them in and take one out as and when you need one.


Wine Rack

Wine racks tend to be items purchased and never used, generally because most of us never have that much wine to store. If you have a couple of wine racks you don’t use for wine, why not use them in your office? Simply turn it on its side and roll up paperwork or small files and fit them into the holes, or find containers that fit into the holes and fill them with your office stationery.


Soap Boxes


Plastic soap boxes are very cheap to buy in supermarkets and in bargain shops, and they are handy for so much more than storing soap. They make particularly excellent travel storage solutions. You could put jewellery in them that you want protecting within a suitcase, or you could put crayons or other small items in them for children to play with.


These are just a few ideas for simple and easy storage solutions. Remember if you’re really stuck for space you don’t have to move house to get that extra space – just have a spring clean and get rid of some of your items by giving them to charity, selling them or putting them into cheap self storage – you will feel better for it!



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