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Spring is almost here, meaning it’s almost time for a spring clean. But spring cleaning is much more than just clearing out your closet. It is also a chance to clear out and reorganize your wardrobe completely. With a couple of simple tips for organizing your wardrobe, you can create a wardrobe that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. By combining great storage solutions and organizing techniques, you will easily achieve your goal. 

1. Tips for organizing your wardrobe: maximize your wardrobe space 

With time, our collection of clothes grows. And with the increased number of clothing items in our homes, we need more storage space. There are some easy signs to help you see whether you could use more space in your home. A wardrobe that’s overflowing with clothes is one of them. Organizing your wardrobe can be much easier if you invest time in decluttering and maximizing its space. See whether you can install additional shelves in your wardrobe. If you have an empty space above your wardrobe, you may be able to expand it. Another way to add more storage space for your clothing is with a clothing rack. This is a good solution if you cannot create more space inside your wardrobe. As a result of creating more storage space, your wardrobe will be functional and look more organized. 

2. Divide clothes by function and season 

Before you start putting your clothes up on the shelves, organize your things by function and by season. Having a designated place for each item is the best way to organize a closet. On clothing racks, sort your jackets by the season they’re for. As for the shirts, separate them according to the sleeve length. Keep your most frequently used items of clothing close at hand. For example, if you have a couple of shirts you love to wear often, put them on top. If you don’t have enough space in your wardrobe, you can use the space below your bed for those items that are out of season.

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3.Use baskets for miscellaneous items 

Certain clothing items can be very tricky to store and organize. Furthermore, these miscellaneous items can make your wardrobe appear untidy, even if you spent a lot of time and effort getting it to look just right. Baskets can be a neat solution to this problem. You can easily find them in a style that will match the rest of the wardrobe. They are also a great way of utilizing storage space that is difficult to reach, such as the bottom of the wardrobe and corners. In these baskets, you can store clothing accessories, scarves, seasonal items such as gloves, etc. Anything you feel is taking up valuable space can be neatly tucked away. Once you organize everything into baskets, label them. This is one of the best tips for organizing your wardrobe, as you’ll know exactly where everything is and stay organized for good. 

4.Sort your clothes by colour 

After you categorize your things, it’s time to stack them in the closet. In order to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional wardrobe, sort items by colour. This way of organizing clothes has a lot of advantages. It’s much easier to navigate your wardrobe when your clothes are sorted by colour. Another advantage is that you will find what you need much faster. Now, choosing an outfit and getting ready in the morning won’t take nearly as much time. And it will be much easier to create an outfit for the day when you know what you have.

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5. Hang your bags and hats 

Hats and bags can take up more space than they need to. And you have to keep them separate. If you stack too many bags or hats on each other, the weight will damage them. But how can you store these items without taking up too much space? The best solution to this problem is to hang your hats and bags on the available vertical space in your closet and on the walls. Any empty space on the walls can be used for storing hats. In addition to this, hats will act as the best décor pieces you can have. Another group of items you can store in the available vertical space is jewellery. As for the bags, you can invest in a door hanger to organize them neatly. Another tip is to put smaller bags into larger ones you don’t often use to save space. 

6. Use dividers for your wardrobe 

Putting too many things next to each other can result in a messy wardrobe. Dividers can be a good way of preventing this from happening. They can be used for a variety of things in your drawers. If your vanity has a drawer, you can find custom jewellery organizers that will fit all your jewellery. This is the best tip if you have a large jewellery collection. Small pieces of clothing won’t get lost when they all have their own designated place. Ties, tiny socks, and jewellery are just some of the things that can be neatly sorted in drawers with dividers. In addition to being functional, they will make your wardrobe look professionally organized. If you choose to put your bags on shelves instead of in vertical storage solutions, you can use shelf dividers to keep them apart and make your wardrobe look amazing.

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7. Style your wardrobe as you organize it 

The wardrobe is commonly overlooked when people redecorate their homes. But a wardrobe can be as beautiful as any other corner of your home. Think about the style you want to incorporate into your wardrobe. Purchase a couple of sets of hangers that will match your style. Golden metal hangers are becoming increasingly popular for organizing closets. But if you are looking for something a little more classic, invest in high-quality wooden hangers. These have a lower chance of damaging your clothes over time. For the back of your wardrobe, you can purchase wallpaper to make this ordinarily boring space look fantastic. If you have a vanity, you can go with a simple jewellery organizer for your everyday jewellery. This will act as a piece of décor on its own. Jewellery boxes are another classic way of storing rings and earrings. 

Final thoughts 

By using these simple and effortless tips for organizing your wardrobe, you will soon have an organized space for all of your clothes. With more storage space and dividers, you can expand and organize the space you have available. And, by sorting things carefully in your wardrobe, it will look professionally organized.

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