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Making structural changes may seem ideal if your house has recently felt crowded and cramped. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find many inexpensive solutions to make your home seem larger without significant renovations. Renovation might sound excellent, but it’s an expensive endeavour many people can’t afford. For instance, the cost of expanding the kitchen is relatively high, and it is only one area of the house. In light of this, we have some tips for when your home feels cramped. Several recommendations in our guide are inexpensive but efficient, and applying just one or two of them will significantly change how spacious your house feels.

Focus on decluttering

If your home is cramped and overcrowded, your items may contribute to the issue. Many people possess significantly more clothing, books, or gadgets than they genuinely need, impacting their daily lives at home. And if you’re having problems letting go, remember that you’re essentially making a trade: less stuff for more room and time to follow your passions.

As soon as you start removing items you don’t need, you’ll notice how much room you have available, and that sense of expansion will motivate you to keep going. Therefore, don’t hold back on decluttering your home. We can guarantee that you and your home will feel much better after.

Woman sorting out her belongings to make her home feel less cramped.

Improve lighting

You must install lights at various levels to keep everything in a room lighted. A balanced lighting scheme makes any place feel less cramped and more welcoming. The most significant lighting investments for your home can be raised lighting fixtures, such as wall sconces for the living room or pendant lights for the kitchen and bedroom.

That is especially crucial if your home lacks windows, the best natural light source. If there isn’t enough natural light in the space, consider adding mirrors to reflect the present light. A stylish mirror that matches your taste is also a terrific way to give your room some flair.

Add more storage

As mentioned above, clutter makes a property seem cramped. As a result, realtors advise their clients to declutter before listing their homes for sale. When too many objects are lying about, even an open floor plan might feel crowded. Thankfully, you can fix this quickly. A fast and straightforward approach to getting rid of clutter and simultaneously expanding your living area is to add storage.

However, so that you don’t overcrowd your room with furniture, think about adding items that serve as furniture and storage. For instance, use a coffee table that opens up. Or an end table with plenty of drawers. Or even bookshelves around your fireplace.

Fold it

In addition to multipurpose items, it’s a great idea to look for folding furniture. Even if they might not be versatile from a usage viewpoint, the ability to conceal an object has an enormous appeal when your home feels cramped. So if you don’t need a chair out all the time, fold it up and store it. Furthermore, having foldable furniture is excellent if you have a last-minute move. You can prepare and do this on short notice when items in your home are easy to grab and carry around.

A folding chair and plant in a white room.

Repaint your walls

Brighter paint hues will reflect natural light and expand the space. On the other hand, darker shades will give the room a cosier, more intimate feel. However, a light and neutral colour scheme may work better if you’re going for a more airy space. So consider using light greys, creams, beiges, and whites.

Moreover, you may improve the proportions of your room by sticking with one colour rather than using multiple hues. If you want to add some variety to the colours in the room, paint the skirting, window trim, and door trim a shade lighter than the rest of the space. Consider the other surfaces in your rooms, especially the flooring, when choosing your paint colours. Ensure that the two are in the same colour scheme. By doing so, you’ll achieve aesthetic harmony and balance.

When your home feels cramped, swap curtains with blinds

If you have curtains covering your windows, consider swapping them out for blinds. Blinds will quickly make a room appear brighter and more open since they are better at letting light from the window fill the space. They also take up less room than curtains. However, as with paint colours, choose light-coloured blinds over dark ones. While you might want to match your blinds to the decor already in place, picking darker blinds might make a space appear much smaller. On the other hand, you can make a room appear much more open and spacious when you choose light and fresh colours like light grey, beige, white, or cream.

White blinds in a room with big windows.

Use lots of mirrors

As mentioned before, mirrors are excellent for reflecting light. However, they are also great for making a room feel bigger. Therefore, place a large framed mirror against a wall or use it as a wall decoration. You will achieve the same room-enlarging effect as a mirror wall but with more elegance. Also, add a piece of bevelled plate mirror to the top of a coffee table or side table for a more luxurious look, or buy a mirrored chest for a similar effect.

Install shelves high up

You should place shelves higher up on the wall than usual in cramped spaces. That gives the place the illusion of being taller and more spacious than it is. At the same time, a room feels more cramped the lower the shelves are. 

Furthermore, displaying pictures and framed artwork on these tall shelves can naturally heighten the space and attract the eye upward. The same rule applies when hanging any type of decor on the wall. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes if you hang a painting a few inches higher than you initially intended. However, don’t go too high. It should still be visible, and you shouldn’t spring your neck from always gazing up.

In conclusion

As you can see, you can do many things if your home feels cramped, but you don’t want to move out or don’t have the budget for a significant renovation. With these tips, you can easily create more space in your home without breaking the bank. Plus, they are fun to do, and all you need is a bit of creativity.

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