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Giving your house a makeover can become a big and expensive project which you might not want to go through. But there are ways in which you can keep the cost as well as the disruption to a minimum and still manage to update your home. Of course the quality of the products you buy will impact the price but here are five great tips on how to redecorate on a budget:

1. Revamping the bathroom

Updating the whole bathroom can be an expensive job which when you are on a update your home with new wall tilesbudget is not ideal, however, most of the time there is no problem with the suite meaning that the bathroom can easily be revamped. What you could do is have large porcelain wall tiles put in (not even in the whole bathroom just near the sink and shower and then paint the rest of the room) and then change the flooring using either cheap ceramic floor tiles or even vinyl flooring. The large porcelain tiles will instantly make the room feel more contemporary and up-to-date.


2. Update your home with new flooring

Changing your carpet can make a large difference, especially if it is a vibrant colour such as blue. You could opt for a nice neutral colour like cream or even put in wooden floor. Now if you are very lucky your floor boards may be in perfect condition so all they would need is to be sanded and then you could just simply varnish them or go for a shabby chic look and paint them a white/cream colour.


3. A lick of paint

A new coat of paint can do wonders to a room, making it look nice and fresh. Once again you could go for a nice neutral colour making the room look bigger. Also if you have a small and dark room there is specific paint available with a light-reflecting sheen, which gives the impression that the room is light and spacious.


4. Quick Fixes for the Kitchen

The kitchen normally will all need to be updated which can be a large expense. If your budget does not reach, you can tile the splash back with ceramic tiles which are cheap and the space is small so this will also keep the cost down. As well as this once again just painting can help the appearance of the kitchen.

5. The easiest solution for the bedroom

The simplest way you can transform your bedroom is by changing the bed linen. There is a whole range out there so you are bound to find one that complements your room as well as fits in with your budget.


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  1. You ought to write a book on this. I’d be a buyer right away – there are so many inspirational books, magazines and websites that seem to think most homeowners have an unlimited budget so it’s refreshing to see some writers understand most of us are just getting by but still want a beautiful home. Thanks for the post

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