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Staging your home is one of the best ways of achieving a quick sale and it’s not as difficult as you might think. Of course, we all know that selling a home is stressful but the stress can really mount up if you have few viewing and no offers as the weeks go by so avoid that prospect by staging your home before it goes on the market.

Some home owners feel that buyers will either want their home or not and that nothing much they can do will change their mind; but this really isn’t true. Just think of the time and money that goes into show homes for new developments and you will realise that how a home is presented is important to help buyers visualise living there themselves. In fact, go and view some local show homes for tips on presentation.

There are some people that can see through your family photos and general clutter to the lovely home that lies beneath but many more people cannot so let’s assume you have made the decision to stage your home (you won’t regret it) just how is the best way to do this without breaking the bank?

It’s not difficult to stage a home but you do need to put in some effort and be prepared to spend some money to make your home so desirable that it will be snapped up by one of the first few people to view it. Exactly how much time, money and effort is required really depends on the size of your home, it’s current condition and your target buyers.

Here are the basic steps to staging your home for a quick sale:

Essential Maintenance

Start by taking a long hard look at your home and be brutally honest about it’s faults; remember that with any luck it won’t be your home for much longer so you can afford to be critical. It is almost certainly going to need a good clear out and then a thorough clean. In fact decluttering your space is always one of the top tips for making your house more saleable. It means storing away anything on view that is not essential, clearing cluttered shelves and worktops in particular; and also de-personalising the space so that potential buyers can imagine their own belongings in the space. That means family photos cleared away and little Joey’s finger paintings taken off the fridge door.

When it comes to cleaning, you will be amazed at the difference that can be made simply by scrubbing down paintwork and you can effect an even greater transformation by descaling taps and sanitary ware.

If anything is broken that can be easily repaired then do that straight away. When you have lived in a home for a long time you stop noticing minor faults that could quickly be fixed for very little money. That peeling wallpaper can be stuck back down, chipped paintwork can be touched up. If painted walls are looking grubby then try cleaning them first but if this doesn’t help then you may have to apply a quick coat of paint. But none of this will need you to take out a loan – they are all inexpensive jobs to do and it is more about putting in the time than coming up with the extra cash.

Once you have decluttered, cleaned and repaired you need to keep everything in tip top shape so that it can be ready at a moment’s notice for a viewing. It’s a tough habit to get into but you might just find you prefer living in a well-presented home and it could change your habits forever.

The Kitchen

clutter free kitchen staged for house saleStaging involves making the most of what you already have so no one expects you to take out a second mortgage to revamp a kitchen in a home you are about to sell. But what you do need to do is show the kitchen off in the best light. We already know it has to be super clean with uncluttered surfaces and minor repairs all done but what else?

  • Place some pots (colour-matched, of course) of fresh herbs on the window ledge – not only will they look good but they will add a fresh scent to the space
  • Buy a statement kettle, coffee machine and toaster – remember you can always take them with you to your new home.
  • Make sure the inside of the cupboards is also clean and tidy – potential buyers can be very nosy.


The Bathroom

gorgeoud bathroom for a small attic spaceConcentrate on cleanliness in the bathroom but also effect a quick transformation with:

  • Fluffy new towels – always keep them neatly arranged
  • A new shower curtain if you have to have one
  • Some smart bath oils, lotions and scented candles from somewhere like the White Company or Jo Malone – again you can always take these with you when you move


The Living Room

Make the upholsteries in your home like newThis is one of the rooms that can make a huge impact – aim to make it look as large as possible so remove some furniture  if you can, especially shelves and storage units that just attract clutter.

  • Buy or borrow some lamp tables and buy new lamps
  • Buy new cushions and throws in neutral shades to cover old or dated sofas and armchairs
  • If your curtains are dated then just take them down (unless the room is very overlooked) they will make the space seem bigger and brighter




Finally, don’t forget about the exterior – many potential buyers can be put off and never come to view at all if you don’t get the kerb appeal right. Clean down the front door and garage door (re-paint if necessary), pressure wash the path and driveway, and add some statement pots with box balls or pyraminds, or flowers depending on the season.

3 thoughts on “Staging Your Home For A Quick Sale

  1. Great tips and just as useful for anyone selling who isn’t in a rush but wants to get top dollar. Most people cannot see their house how a stranger would see it. Our homes are almost always too cluttered (and that’s OK when you’re not trying to sell) but we also tend to live with furniture that is past it’s best.

    Another way to think about staging is presenting your home as an upscale AirBnB – would people want to rent it in it’s current state? If the answer is no then staging is essential.

    1. I like your analogy Joss with an upscale AirBnB – that’s useful to help view a home from an independent perspective. Also I think that is the States it is an expected part of selling a home that your stage it – often with furniture rented for the purpose. It’s very unusual to do that here in the UK yet it could help achieve a much higher selling price if the home is presented at it’s very best.

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