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This blog post was updated 19th January 2017

I love colour in the home – from my bright red rug that welcomes guests into the hallway to my purple sofas and colourful artwork on the walls. But I seem to be in a minority. That’s not to say that my home is a blinding clash of colours – it is a relaxing space with neutral walls (French Grey and Slaked Lime from Little Greene are my favourites) and a mix of contemporary oak floors and natural stone tiling.

I know the benefits of floor tiles that are made from natural materials even though caring for natural stone tiles can be a pain (and I’m wondering whether I should have taken more notice of the benefits of porcelain tiles because I’m not a big fan of high maintenance products even though the limestone flooring is beautiful). I also know how important neutral walls and major pieces of furniture are to serve as a good backdrop for any type of design scheme. As an added bonus tiled floors can make your home more allergy friendly. However, I know from experience if all I had in my home were natural materials and neutral or muted colours that I would find in bland and uninspiring.

So do yourself a favour and find some colour for your home. If you have neutral sofas and try a few colourful cushions: lime green, aubergine, red, whatever takes your fancy. They are the perfect way to start introducing colour without breaking the bank (check our Margo Selby’s fabulous designs if you want to splash out a bit).

Cushions also work for bedrooms with neutral linen as do towels for clinical looking bathrooms. A splash of colour really can make all the difference.

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