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If you are about to give your home a big makeover, you need to read about these amazing 2021 decor trends.

So you’re excited to give your house a new look, you’ve put everything into cheap self storage and you’re ready to go. It’s a time for change, and improvement! What style will you go for? Minimalist? Maximalist? Something else? To help you get some inspiration, checkout these amazing 2021 decor trends:


Japanese style in decor isn’t new, but it really takes a centre stage this year. It’s most modern look is extremely stripped back, so there’s no need to get everything out of cheap self storage just yet. The patterns and materials used are considered, neutral and effortless in their aesthetic. Lots of large feature plants, simplicity and natural materials. It’s Swedish minimalism meets Japanese decor hence – Japandi.


Cottagecore has been around for a few seasons now. It pushes any character property to the front, truly celebrating all the nooks, crannies, wonky walls and feature windows. There’s some traditionalism in there, with original flooring, exposed bricks and restored fireplaces celebrated with this look. In addition, cute kitsch patterns, choice ornaments, nature art and elegant quirk all work well for this look.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are officially back in fashion with pampas grass leading the trend. Luckily, it is so easy and cheap to apply to your home so it won’t cost you the earth in time or money to apply. Do be careful though, to have a stripped back room before applying this trend, as to avoid it looking more ‘frozen in time’ than cute.


Sustainability continues to remain a popular decor trend throughout 2021. It is in line with all of us trying to be more eco-conscious overall. Think chemical free paints, upcycled pieces, strong furniture designed to last, and nature reflected in patterns, tones and colours.

Houseplants also feature highly in this trend, as large feature plants seem to be a part of most styles this year.


Grandmillenial is cute, kitchy, sweet and comfortable. Comfort reigns strong in design this year, which is no surprise considering what we have all been through. Think Laura Ashley prints, doileys, twee prints, ruffles and chintz. This is all layered in a considered way, perhaps combining grannies cheap self storage unit treasures with your own wickers pieces, cute patterned soft furnishings and choice houseplants.


This year texture features in the materials we use in our home. Slats, grooves, tactile surfaces and ridging – anything other than smooth, boring surfaces.

Sage Green

Sage green kitchens and accessories are a big part of 2021 decor. You will see the colour in kettles, cabinets, tiles and flooring, so it’s easy to integrate in a way you feel comfortable with.

Broken-Plan Living

Open plan living is where a space that would have previously been divided by walls, is instead not divided. This is most commonly seen with a kitchen, dining area and living room space that all forms one room. Rather than going back to those spaces being separate rooms, zoning using screens and other dividers is being implemented. So the same flexibility is there as with open plan spaces, but visual zones are further strengthened with the use of dividers of some kind.

The decor trends above can help you choose the perfect design plan for your home. With any luck, 2021 will give you your most beautiful home yet, for the kind of living and aesthetic that truly suits your family life.

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