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Moving to a different country has a variety of mixed emotions attached to it. On the one hand it is exciting as you are able to learn about a whole new culture and experience a different way of living but then you are leaving behind what you know, whether that’s just your routine or, more importantly, your family and friends.  For a front door keysminority of the world’s population this is a way of life due to work, finding ourselves moving overseas every few years. Even though this may seem like a fantastic way of life – which don’t get me wrong is for sure, there comes a point where you question where is home? For me this move will take me to my 8th country and 11th house, which compared to others, is not very many.

Unlike people who have lived in the same house for 15 years, I luckily have not got  a vast amount of clutter, or personal belongings, but I will still, however, have to put some of my items in self-storage. Hopefully this will only be for a short- term until I am able to find myself a house and get everything shipped over. Last time I moved I found myself living in a hotel room for the four months due to there being a problem with the paper work, which was not ideal – oh the joys of language barriers. Thank goodness I had found a cheap self-storage unit, that’s all I have to say, and wasn’t paying a fortune to store my stuff while the paperwork was sorted out. Moving house and self storage go hand-in-hand in situations like this providing you watch your budget.

Moving to a new home aboard has a range of advantages and disadvantages, but you just have to consider which ones are important in your situation.

The advantages of moving aboard:

  • Experiencing a different culture – the food, art, entertainment can all be quite different even for those moving within the same continent
  • Exploring the world whilst getting paid – moving abroad as part of your job means your company will foot the bill for some new adventures.
  • Meeting new people – expanding your horizons by mixing with different people from different cultures
  • Become a world citizen – experience a different sort of life and move outside your comfort zone perhaps
  • A better way of living – many (if not most) countries can offer a better way of living in some respects than the UK. Note least because the cost of renting or buying a home is cheaper or you get more for your money
  • The weather- depending on where you go, of course, but for those from northern Europe there are better climates almost everywhere
  • Learn a foreign language – well you can at least try and this could even open up new career opportunities as a voiceover actor for instance

 There is also a downside:

  • Where is home? This can be especially difficult if you are not originally just from one country- so already you have more than one place than could be home.
  • Leaving the people you love behind
  • The language barrier- even though in most countries luckily they will speak English.
  • Leaving treasured things behind when you move because they are too big or impractical to bring with you.

For me moving country always outweighs the downside of it. The hardest of it all isMoving for sure leaving people behind but if you are located somewhere in Europe you can easily fly out and see them as everywhere is close enough, plus flights are just getting cheaper. Even if it is a long haul flight, of course you may not be able to fly as often but you can still go and see them at least once a year, which might not sound enough at all, but you will be so busy with your new job and life that time will fly by. In addition friends and relatives can come out and see you which most people jump at the opportunity to have an excuse to travel so really it would be a minimum of twice a year, and now there is no reason not to stay in contact on a regular basis with Skype, Facebook and all the other easy to use internet options to stay connected.

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