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The easy way to make upholstery like new is to do it yourself. It may take a good long weekend, but you don`t need to worry about chemical compounds and high fees from a cleaning agency. Instead, you can rent a professional cleaning machine or make various homemade detergents for treatment of almost every kind of stain. Of course you could reupholster the furnishings, but let`s take a look at the other easier tips and tricks.

First, try to wipe off the stain with just a soft clean towel dampened in hot water and some sort of degreaser. Shampoo, soap or dish-washing detergent are perfect, and depending on how hot the water is, you can make a strong detergent for upholstery even with stains from dried kitchen grease. The hotter the water – the greater the degreasing power. From coffee and tea spills, to traces of alcohol and other dirt, this simple solution can be useful in a variety of cases. Try to clean the spot as soon as you make it, which ensures no penetration deep into the fibres of the fabric. If you clean the spot as soon as it appears, you can use just a cloth and washing up liquid, which should be enough to make the surface like new without the need for further treatments. Always finish the cleaning with a soft dry cloth to absorb as much of the moisture as possible.

Second, deep clean the upholstery with a special detergent. A commercial detergent might be enough, but only if you pick up the perfect one for the specific type of upholstery, otherwise you can risk making a bigger mess or even damaging the texture of the upholstery. There are many types of fabric used on upholstered objects – from furniture with leather upholstery to a range of fabrics. Hard-wearing natural material with long fibres such as velvet to delicate natural materials such as silk; synthetic fabrics, and even upholstery, which imitates the texture of wood. That`s why a better idea is to call the professional cleaners in your area and take advantage of their professional expertise – they will know which cleaning compounds to use on which types of fabric. This option can be worth it if you have to clean the sofa  or the dining chairs as it guarantees the safety for the upholstery. The expert cleaners are experienced and they can pick up the best detergent, tools and other solutions after examining the condition of the upholstered objects.

If you decide to deal with the most persistent stains yourself – consider making a strong homemade detergent of hot water, dish detergent, shampoo, laundry detergent and baking soda. Also add lemon juice and you can use it as a strong deodoriser too – very useful if you have to get rid of pet odours.

Finally protect the upholstered objects after deep cleaning. Prevention is the best way to make them longer lasting. Try using a protective spray for upholstery fabrics.

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