Once you realise there’s not enough room in your home for the family, pets, and home business to fit comfortably without everyone and everything being on top of one another. Homeowners have two options: to sell up and move to a bigger home. Or to stay and make use of the house and land they have. This post covers the latter.

But, before diving in and knocking through walls, two questions need answering.

First, Do You Have the Means to Upsize?

Home renovations and extensions can cost a lot of money. Thus making sure you have enough funds, be it savings, or a loan, to cover expenses and potential setbacks is essential to ensure your plan to upsize can be seen through to completion.

Secondly, What’s The Purpose of Upsizing Your Home?

Think about the reasons why you would need to, for example, more storage space, an office, or an additional bathroom. From here, you can gauge what upsizing options are best from the selection below.

Options For Upsizing Your Home

Install a Shed or Garage

Suppose you have room on your plot of land to add a garage/shed, in that case, this could be a great cost-effective solution to store gardening equipment, garden toys, cars, tools, holiday decorations etc.

In turn, you can compartmentalise and organise a lot of stuff from inside the house into your new shed or garage space. Thus, creating more living and storage room indoors and less clutter in the garden.

Convert Loft Space

The loft is often a forgotten section of the home that could, with the right vision, design plans, and contractors, become another valuable area in the house. Such as a bedroom or a multi-functional room containing storage, office space, and a guest bed. As such, consider whether the loft area could have the untapped potential in your home, to add space.

Refurbish The Basement

If the loft is inaccessible, but there’s room in the cellar, here is where you might want to divert your sights.

Cellars are often viewed as dreary and sometimes damp spaces, with little to no natural light.

But if you look at basement renovations online, it’s easy to see the possibilities of using the room underground. For instance, you could create a home gym or a cinema room!

Upgrading the basement could be what your home setup needs to provide more useful room for living at home.

Add A Conservatory

Conservatories are much more budget-friendly than single story extensions. Plus, they allow nature lovers to be immersed in the beauty of the outdoors without stepping foot in the garden.

Conservatories were often used as an additional seating area. But they’re increasingly becoming popular to use for so much more, such as dining areas and home offices. Not to mention adding another room onto the home adds value to the property too.

The garden is usually used most during the summer months. But throughout the winter, homeowners are likely to stay indoors. However, by making some alterations to the garden, an outdoor living space can easily be created.

For instance, homeowners could add a patio or decking, an outdoor heater, comfy chairs, and throws for when the outdoors gets chilly. Plus, by planting an array of evergreen plants and shrubs, the garden shall be pleasant to sit in all year round.

You can see, there’s plenty of cost-effective options you can use to upsize your home without moving. Plus, any of the above additions made will only increase the value of your home too.

As an additional tip, for helping you create the feeling of more space at home, strategically placing large mirrors around the house to reflect light. Moreover, using light paint colours, intelligent storage solutions and decluttering will also assist in your bid for more room. You may also want to consider an off-site self-storage unit if you are really struggling – they are generally quite cheap and you can compare storage prices here.

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