lawn in perfect condition

To keep a lawn in perfect condition it needs proper care and attention in order to stay healthy and good looking all the time. This is especially true in the height of summer, when excessive heat and lack of water can cause irreparable damage to your lawn if you don’t give it its due care. Here are a few things you should do to maintain a perfect lawn all summer long.

1) Lawn mowing plays a major role in maintaining the condition of your garden and it is one of the most typical lawn care activities. A good lawn mower can save you plenty of time and effort, but there are some important things to note before getting started though. Keep the blades of the mower sharp and check out their condition every time before getting started. Another thing to check regularly is the height of the lawn. Keep it at your desired height and keep in mind when the hottest expected dates for the summer are. Mowing according to the amount of rain expected in the gardening schedule is another great choice. In all cases, don’t mow too low during the summer season, as it may let more direct sunlight into the base of the lawn and could cause a burning effect, which you can see as yellowing of the lawn.

2) Check for moss, as well as for invasive insects and other pests. Moss doesn’t grow on the lawn that easily, but some areas are very vulnerable, such as the shaded areas where the humidity is higher. Once a month is a good frequency to inspect every corner of the lawn for moss to prevent it taking hold. If you can’t determine whether you have to deal with this issue or not, call in the gardening experts Mile End to assess and help with professional advice for the exact type of your lawn.

3) Weed control is the next important activity. Spread herbicides earlier and don’t let the weeds bloom, because they may cause a complete change in the appearance of the lawn. Constant checking is the key to keeping the weeds under control. Use a rake to get rid of the fallen leaves or to remove the bigger pebbles and dirt in order to easily keep the growth of weeds in the lawn at bay.

4) Watering is the most essential task for the lawn in the summer. Provide enough water and the best moment to do it is in the early morning or late evening, which will protect the lawn from greater evaporation. The easiest method is an automatic sprinkler. Make a schedule for watering and stick to it. The frequency for the summer should be smaller, for example once a week. However, you should ensure the whole lawn is very thoroughly watered when it’s time for watering. Always check out the condition of your lawn if you don’t want it to end up in poor condition. According to your expectations, you can always enhance the watering frequency in order to keep the lawn’s regular growth and lush green colour.

5) Use organic fertilizers to help sustain a greater growth of the grass, but don’t overdo it. This will give long-term benefits if you pick the right moment for spreading the fertilizer. Wait for the first couple of great rainfalls for the lawn to flourish sufficiently. When it is in full swing, add a small amount of the fertilizer substances to keep it in its perfect condition throughout the summer and after that.

6) Ensure even wearing of the lawn and pay special attention to the areas that see the heaviest foot traffic. Due to the fast growth in summer, these areas wear out more quickly. Make a walking pathway out of stones, wood boards or sand to prevent walking through the entire lawn.

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