Kami camera & TCP smart lighting review

Kami camera & TCP smart lighting review
Kami indoor – 360 smart-home camera

Before I get into the Kami camera & TCP smart lighting review, I wanted to give you a little background… I love tech. I grew up surrounded by all sorts of gadgets as my Dad is an electronics engineer. I get so excited by home tech in particular – especially if it’s discrete and blends into the home seamlessly. That’s actually my number one priority when choosing smart tech for my home. If it compromises the aesthetic that I’m trying to create – then it’s not the gadget for me.

Kami camera & TCP smart lighting review
The Kami can also be wall mounted

For a long time, smart home tech was very difficult to retrofit because of all the wiring. It was also very expensive – say 10 years ago. With us living in an 1860’s Victorian House, I didn’t think that having a smart home was within our reach. But, home tech has certainly evolved massively. No wires needed and so no expensive electricians bills. Everything works via Wifi and can be controlled by Google Home or Amazon Alexa – even if you’re not at home. This Kami camera & TCP smart lighting review has really made me realise just how easy it can be to set up and manage home smart tech.

Kami Indoor - 360 Smart-Home Camera
With 340° rotation and 95° tilt capabilities, you’re able to see every corner of the room.
Kami Indoor - 360 Smart-Home Camera
With motion and noise detection – Kami s a really handy babysitter!
Kami Indoor - 360 Smart-Home Camera
Nap time is over…

The Kami indoor – 360 smart-home camera is small but powerful. It can be plugged into a socket or USB powered and it can either be placed on a surface or wall mounted. We decided not to mount it to the wall so we can move it around the house depending on what we needed to use it for. For the past few days, I’ve been using the Kami camera as a naptime baby monitor and it’s been brilliant! Any motion detection or noise sends an alert to your phone. If I’m in the middle of cooking or something – there’s a handy 2-way audio so I can soothe her and let her know I’m on my way. These features of the Kami camera are also perfect security features as you could warn an intruder that the Police are on their way and they are being recorded.

TCP Smart lighting

The Kami indoor camera has been a game-changer for us, as has TCP smart lighting. Lighting is fundamental to a space – it can transform a room and completely change the mood. Lighting can lift your spirits, or calm you down – it’s not simply functional. I’ve always been a stickler for having different types of lightbulbs for the ceiling and lamps in a room. Having one lightbulb that can go from cool to warm light, task to mood lighting AND change colour all at the control of your voice is so exciting to me as an interior addict.

Create ambience with a palette of 16 million colours.
Set timers and routines for specific lighting needs whether this is for cosy evenings, morning wake ups or to have party anytime.

My girls now fall asleep to very soft, colour changing light which is simply magical. TCP smart bulbs can be set on a timer – which is also handy for security when you’re away from home. No dimmer switches are required and so a really affordable way to transform the lighting in your home.

TCP WiFi plug means no more scrabbling under the Christmas tree to switch off the lights!

And finally, my favourite feature of the TCP smart bulbs is no more scrabbling about in the dark for the light switch. Feet are safe from rogue pieces of Lego – finally! You can climb into bed safely and turn the lights off remotely from there. My only regret is that I only requested four bulbs – I’ll definitely change over the rest of my light bulbs over soon.

Natalia xo

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