You deserve to feel safe and secure with total privacy in your house. Your home should also be a place where you can be yourself, do whatever you want, and act in whatever way you desire. However, if you believe your home isn’t as private and secure as it should be, you may feel uneasy and relatively uncomfortable staying there. In that case, it is crucial to fix the problem. According to recent information, more people, including children, are victims of stalking. Besides the purposeful invasions that breach the privacy of your home, there are also discreet ways unwanted and unauthorised people can compromise your home’s security and privacy. So, how can you ensure that your home is safe from prying eyes? Here are a few basic ways to improve the privacy and security of your property.

Install security cameras 

Install security cameras to help boost your home security
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Identifying people snooping around your house and trying to get into your personal affairs is usually the most effective way to spot the culprits and discourage others from doing so. Installing several security cameras can help if you suspect someone is regularly breaching your home’s privacy. You must place these cameras in locations where you believe intruders will most likely try to gain access to your home. By doing so, you are ensured that you would capture culprits in the act and take the necessary steps.

You should also consider using very discreet camera options. This way, these unwanted parties would be unaware they are being watched. Another essential advantage of security cameras is peace of mind. They can increase your home security by allowing you to check in on your property from anywhere, view a live feed of your home on your smartphone or computer, and receive fast notifications if anything unusual occurs.

Secure your windows

The windows of your home serve the vital role of brightening the house and allowing for good ventilation. However, they can be a security risk if the proper measures are implied. It may seem like blinds and curtains offer protection in some cases, but this is not always the case. For a more effective solution to secure your windows, you should consider changing up your windows. You choose to have your windows tinted, iced, or glazed. Such options allow your windows to serve their purpose to your home while obstructing outsider visibility. Fortunately, these solutions are available at very affordable rates.

Use smart blinds

Although regular blinds may not always do the trick in terms of your home’s security, smart blinds can. Smart blinds have grown in popularity as a result of their attractive appearance and numerous valuable features. Did you know that smart blinds may make it appear as if someone is at home even when the house is empty? You can use your smartphone to control your bright lights and blinds. Then you may lower the blinds at night, turn on the lights, or play random music from afar. The intruders will believe that someone is at home as a result of this. As a result, they won’t even try to break in. Smart privacy glass is another such option. It employs proprietary technology that allows users to alter the transparency of windows.

Secure your front and back doors 

Add extra security to your front door
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While windows are essential to consider when designing a secure home, the front and back doors of the house are equally vital. Therefore it is important to select the right doors when designing your home to ensure security. For instance, a sliding glass door may make an excellent addition to your home as it may create a unique design for your home or maximise the amount of natural light you receive. However, it would most likely not give you the security and privacy you seek. Security Doors ensure that intruders and other unwanted parties cannot gain access to your home.

On the entrance door, avoid glass features. Even small windows can be shattered and utilised to gain access to keys or an internal lock. However, if you want a glass door design, you should consider stained or textured glass if you pick doors with glass windows as a design component in the building to keep burglars from seeing where keys are hanging or stored near the entryway.

Consider getting a guard dog 

A dog may seem like an odd addition to a design element, but dogs do add to the personality of your home. As man’s best friend, dogs do more than add character to your home or a cuddly companion. They can also serve as effective watchdogs. To deter loiterers and scare away invaders, dogs do not need to be well trained. Your animal buddy can give you an affectionate playmate as well as alert you to intruders by barking. You may even let your dog run around in your yard if you put up sturdy fences and walls around your property.

Trim overgrown trees and hedges 

For intruders to spy on your property, they need a good view, and your trees and overgrown shrubs and hedges do that. Trees and shrubs may add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, but they can provide a convenient hiding spot for burglars. By leaving your trees and hedges overgrown, you make it easy for intruders to climb onto your property. Therefore, trees and plants near your home that could be used for the cover should be pruned regularly. 

You can also choose smaller flowers and bushes instead. Remove any trees that are close to windows or strengthen those windows with extra security. Cutting down overgrown vegetation not only improves privacy but also makes your home less enticing to burglars who take advantage of these barriers.

Soundproof your home

Contemporary white living room looking cosy for winter
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Your home should be a quiet, peaceful haven away from the outside world. Living close to other people has benefits such as new friends, opportunities to socialise, borrowing a missing ingredient, etc. But it also has its drawbacks, one of which is noise. 

Whether it’s a loud unmelodic guitar practice, a little too much fun at a night party, or simply a generally noisy and nosy individual, everyone has had at least one experience with an irritating neighbour. It is frustrating, and if you’re losing sleep or patience because of it, it’s time to take action. The level of sound audible to those outside should be considered part of your home’s privacy precautions. Neighbours may only need to stand next to your fence to hear what you have to say. Soundproofing your walls could be beneficial. These steps can often serve as insulation, keeping your home warm and preventing sound from leaking into the open for all to hear.

Use external sensor lights

External lights that turn on when motion is detected are an effective deterrent. They may also make a property look more inviting and aesthetically pleasing if they are designed to suit the overall outlook of the house. Motion sensor lights, especially bright lights that illuminate doorways, passageways, or potential access sites, are the most effective deterrents. 

Consider where burglars are most likely to break into a building when developing a new structure and plan to add motion-activated lighting in these spots. If your project doesn’t have the resources to install these during construction, ensure that the room is accessible for the future homeowner. Installing a light in a tunnel is a crucial element if the structure is entered through one. Both the back garden and the front access areas should have sensor lighting installed.

Upgrade to smart locks

Smart locks can add extra levels of security to your home
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Lastly, smart locks are a fantastic solution that is both secure and fashionable. Intelligent locks are connected to your smartphone and allow you to operate your home security systems while you are away. For example, if a motion sensor is triggered, you will receive a notification and an instant live broadcast of your home. If that’s not enough, smart locks come with a slew of extra functions, including the following: fingerprint scanner, cameras, pin codes, security tokens, and sensors. Having a sound security system doesn’t mean your house has to seem like a fortress. Although you must spend on instruments to improve your home’s security, you may always choose more fashionable options. They don’t have to look out of place in your home.

Install a fence

A privacy fence is an excellent way to keep the eyes of your neighbours away from your backyard activities. A fence allows you to enjoy your activities in privacy, whether it’s relaxing in your hot tub or gardening at your leisure. With varied styles to pick from, you’re likely to find one that complements your house while also providing some additional privacy. Consult a fence specialist about precise height requirements to ensure that your fence is tall enough to keep curious eyes out.


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