Planning a loft conversion? These are projects that can be easier than an extension but still require a lot of planning, investment and time, but they can be a brilliant way to add to your living space and add value to your home. Keep reading for a few tips on how to plan a loft conversion to make it feel like an integrated part of your home.


First, you want to identify the purpose of your loft conversion. As mentioned, a loft conversion can add space and value to your home and there are many ways that you can use this space. Commonly, a loft conversion can become a home office, extra bedroom or living space/entertainment room.


In terms of planning, you will want to make sure that you have each aspect planned for before getting started so that you can stick to your design theme. You might find it helpful to create a floor plan of the space so that you can visualise the space and identify the best layout.

Colour Scheme

If you want to make the loft conversion an integrated space with the rest of the house then the colour scheme can be a smart way to do this. Opting for the same colour scheme can create consistency and help the space to feel connected – loft conversions can often feel completely detached as they are not the easiest space to access, so you will want to find ways to integrate the space to make it feel more welcoming.


Lighting is always important when it comes to interior design, but particularly when it comes to loft conversions as these can be dark, dingy spaces without proper planning. You can increase the natural light by adding VELUX windows to the sloped ceilings, which can make a big difference to how the space both looks and feels. In addition to natural light, you will also want to fit light installations to bring the lighting up to the standard of the rest of the home.


Another important consideration with loft conversions is insulation and warmth. These can be cold spaces in winter, so you will want to make sure that you have insulation and heating to keep the space comfortable during cooler months. In summer, hot air rises so it can become very hot in the loft so you will want some kind of cooling system as well.

A loft conversion can be a brilliant way to increase your living space, improve your home and add value to the property. These are often not the simplest projects, though, so you need to make sure that you have a solid place in place before you get to work and the above tips should help you to create this.

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