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Find out why you should avoid a care home for later life care, instead, there are better options that could mean you remain happy within your own home for longer.

As much as we should all be living in the moment more, the fact remains that there may come a time in later life that we need care and may have to move home. Planning for the future can provide you with the peace of mind that you will have the quality of life you deserve when you need to rely on others. A care home might seem like the most popular choice, or even the only choice, but realistically, there are quite a few reasons to avoid care homes if you can. And there are better alternatives that can ensure better physical and mental health for elderly people.

This article will, hopefully, highlight the reasons why a care home is not always the best options and where to find alternatives.

So let’s look at the downsides of residential care home…

Most People Don’t Want To Go Into A Care Home

A study by The Live-in Care Hub found that a huge 97% of people would rather avoid a care home if they become unwell or unable to care for themselves. Let’s be honest, it isn’t the ideal scenario for most of us to have to move into a care home in later life. And it shouldn’t feel like something we have to do when we need elderly care.

Your Physical Health Can Deteriorate

A British Medical Journal study  showed that those in care homes are 3 times more likely to fall than those who have live-in care at home. Worse still, those who do fall are 10 times more likely to sustain a serious injury as a result. This is unfortunately just one example when it comes to physical health and increased risks in care homes.

Your Emotional Wellbeing Is More At Risk

Evidence shows that emotionally those in care homes can face numerous challenges. Because of how the residential care system works, a major issue is that carers in care home simply do not have enough time to spend with individual residents. In addition, a lack of opportunities to take trips out of the residential care facility, a lack of control over the environment and limited choice about the food available, plus lack of stimulation can all contribute to issues with emotional and mental health.

Dementia Care Limitations

Statistics from NICE  show over two thirds of those in care homes have dementia, and yet sadly, the care provided is not person-centred. This can decrease quality of life, cause the person to be depressed and might even cause quicker physical deterioration.

Leaving Behind a Partner Or a Pet

Sadly, most care homes do not allow pets to live with their resident owners, which can mean a heart-breaking separation from your furry friend at a time you likely need their love the most. In some scenarios, there aren’t any spaces for both husband and wife to be together, which can mean you have to be separated from your spouse.

Care Homes Are Not The Only Option

Most importantly, it is vital you understand that if you don’t want to go into a care home you don’t have to – they are not the only option for later life. There are many options including: sheltered accommodation, day care and home care. Home care in particular is a great option because it means that your needs are catered for on a one-to-one basis. Companionship, nutritional needs, physical needs, specialist needs and personal care are all provided by a trained, professional carer in your own home. And for as many hours as you need. In addition, help with pet care, home maintenance, running errands and medication schedules can all form part of your care package. There’s no need to leave your partner or pet or the place you call home. In fact, the cost of home care has been shown to be comparable to care home costs.

If you’re interested in avoiding a care home in the future, then perhaps it is a good idea to start looking into alternatives now. The more informed you are, the more likely you are able to make a great decision for your future care needs.

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