Upgrading your backyard not only increases your home’s value and curb appeal but also creates additional living space by creating a flow between the outdoor and indoor space. It also adds beauty to your home and offers entertainment options for your dinners, parties and other celebrations. In addition, a well-done backyard is a long-term investment, especially if you build permanent hardscapes like an outdoor kitchen, stone patios, and outdoor fireplaces as they add lasting beauty to your home. Here are stylish upgrades for your backyard.

1.   Add a patio

Adding a patio or a paved area to your home is a great way to add a low-maintenance relaxation and entertainment spot in your backyard. Using a plain slab for your concrete patio can be boring; consider a stamped dyed pattern for a more natural look.

You may also use natural stone to give your patio a completely different look. Natural stone offers a variety of options which include slate, flagstone, limestone, and bluestone. Additionally, you can also use pavers that come in different colours, shapes, and patterns. Designing and constructing a good patio requires skills and experience. This is why you should consider hiring the services of a professional landscape architect like Malone’s Landscape.

2.   Consider composite decking

Composite decking is a lumber alternative that combines wood fibre and plastic to create a denser, stronger and heavier material than wood alone. When shopping for your composite decking, consider moisture, sunlight, building codes, budget, and cost of extras. It comes in different colours, textures, and grain with a natural look. Quality composite decking is costlier than pressure-treated wood, but it lasts two to three times longer.

3.   Add a water feature

Besides providing a soothing atmosphere, a water feature is an excellent addition for your backyard that adds a focal point to your outdoors by boosting your landscape design. To elevate your yard, consider adding water features like a garden creek, koi pond, outdoor shower, birdbath, water wall, hanging wall fountain, waterfall, rain fountain, fountain, and a small pool.

Modern attractive backyard transformation
Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

4.   Include outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting adds style and class to your backyard. When choosing lighting for your backyard, consider incorporating ambient, task, and accent lighting. To achieve ambient lighting, use hanging lights, wall lights, and post lights. For task lights, use security, plus deck and pathway lights. Be sure to use spotlights and landscape kits to accent outdoor lighting. Solar spotlights, string lights, or LED candles will be ideal if you have a small patio and a small budget.  Consider using LED lighting for your yard as they are more energy-efficient than halogen bulbs, and they require little to no maintenance.

5.   Create an outdoor living space

Once you build your deck or patio, consider furnishing it. Choose your furniture depending on your sense of style, and consider marrying the outdoors with the indoor theme. You may get a table set and bench where you can have dinner under the stars with family and friends. In addition, you may get a sofa, chairs, and a coffee table to create an outdoor living room. With unique pieces such as outdoor propane burning fire tables, you can give your backyard an enchanting look during twilight hours.

Upgrading your backyard adds a sense of style and personal touch to your outdoor space. Consider using these tips the next time you plan to transform your backyard.


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