Keen to add more touches of luxury to your home? Use these five simple ways to add some five star hotel style luxury into your humble abode!

Upgrade with Flowers

You will never go wrong with flowers. Fresh flowers can be an excellent way to add a touch of luxury to your home. Their prices vary, allowing you to go for what fits your budget. Fresh flowers are work well throughout the home, from your kitchen to your bedroom, your dining room or your bathroom. Make sure to choose the right vase to enhance the look of your flowers. You may also want to learn these hacks to help your flowers last longer.

Dried flowers are another option as they really do last longer and are still just as beautiful as fresh flowers. Do you have flowers in your garden? Your own home grown garden flowers could be the most affordable and fascinating way to accessorize your home with flowers throughout the seasons.

Add Stunning Lighting

Stunning luxury kitchen with contemporary lighting
Photo by Houzlook .com from Pexels

When you visit a luxurious hotel on holiday, one of the things that may catch your attention is the lighting. The lighting in hotels is carefully chosen to provide light where needed, plus look stunning. By adding luxurious lighting in your home, you can create your own touch of luxury.  Murano glass chandeliers, for example, have taken lighting to a different level altogether. It’s no longer about mere light provision, but classy, beautiful, and elegant lighting. The good thing about chandeliers is that if well maintained, they last longer.

Focus on Your Hallway

It’s easy to overlook your hallway and fail to spend money on it. However, as it’s the main entrance to your house and the first area that visitors will see, it’s an area that needs attention.  Improving light fixtures, having a large potted plant, a hanging mirror, and some artwork will surely do the magic transformation.

Set Your Bed

High quality bedding can improve your sleep exerperience
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

You don’t have to be in a hotel to sleep on a well-made bed with quality bedding. Even if you’re not yet ready to change your bed right now, upgrading your bedding can make a huge difference. Quality bedding is of the essence, so choose your linens carefully and go for luxurious hotel quality Egyptian cotton made from the highest thread count you can afford. 

Read the Fresh Design Guide to choosing the perfect bed linen and check out these tips on how to make your bed too.

Keep It Sparkling Clean

Try and achieve the five star hotel look in your home by keeping is sparkling clean. Get your duster out, fire up your vacuum or consider using the services of a professional cleaner to help your keep your home in tip-top condition.

Featured image credit: Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels


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