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Find out why the downsize option could be a really great idea both practically and emotionally in later life, especially if you are struggling to maintain a large home and garden.

Where we live earlier in life is all about raising a family, being connected to a community or being based near work. When we get older, it is more about enjoying the space, and feeling safe within that space. One of the most common things that we do when we age in regards to property, is downsize. It may have been a decision you always hoped to make. Maybe you always dreamed of living closer to the sea or open countryside, but there may actually be some signs that you need to consider downsizing sooner rather than later: Let’s have a look at what they might be…

1. You’re Struggling To Maintain The Whole Home

If the whole home is too much for you to keep clean or tidy, then that is a clear sign that a smaller property would be easier for you to manage.

2. The Garden Is Too Much

If the garden is unreachable to you because of a physical condition like arthritis, which millions of people suffer from, or it is too hard to maintain (or both) a property with a smaller garden could be a really good idea.

3. You’re Based In One Or Two Rooms

If you are living out of one or two rooms for warmth, because it is easier to manage, or because you simply do not need the rest of the place, then it may be that you really don’t need a property of that size any more.

4. The Place Feels Huge

Sometimes the house can start to feel bigger and bigger, the older we get. Whether it is through kids growing up and leaving, through a different way of life or just because we no longer need such a big property. A house should feel secure and big enough, not far too big and empty.

5. You Would Like Some More Disposable Income

Downsizing is an easy way to release some cash for a holiday, to give some early inheritance to your children, or to pay for expert home care services to help you manage better at home. Living at home in later life with the right support results in a better quality of life, physically and emotionally, and is one of the reasons to avoid care homes cited by so many older people.

6. You’re Now Living Alone

If your partner has passed away, your pet has passed away or for any other reason you’re alone in a property you once shared, it might be that this property doesn’t suit your needs now.

7. You Want To Move Closer To Family

Sometimes we need to move home because we want to be closer to loved ones. In later life it makes sense to move to a smaller home during this process, for practical reasons.

8. It Is Hard Getting Around The House

Perhaps you find it hard getting around the home because of its size and layout. This can be exhausting and cause you to use up energy you don’t have – if you downsize you could avoid that.

9. The House Is No Longer Safe For You

Maybe what were once quirks of the property like steps, low ceilings, uneven flooring and tight corridors are now causing safety issues like trip hazards. Although you could adjust the property to your needs, the practical choice is to sell-up and move into a house that is better suited to your needs.

10. You’d Like A More Compact Arrangement

When considering a downsize it may be that you would like a new property that suits your needs these days. Maybe you’d love a little bungalow in a sheltered community where you can make new friends. Perhaps you’d love a home all on one floor for convenience. Wanting a more compact arrangement is normal as you age, and it’s much better to make a move when you’re able to, rather than rushing it in an emergency.

If you are thinking about downsizing, it might be time to talk to your friends and family about it. Taking advice from a financial advisor is a good idea first, as well as checking that you don’t need the extra room for mobility devices like wheelchairs, or if you are considering live-in care for help with personal care. The more information you can bet, the more informed your decision about downsizing will be.

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