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If you love gardening, then you’re probably following a number of gardening blogs to keep up with the latest news, learn new tricks and tips and, of course, find inspiration for your own gardening projects.

The internet isn’t short of gardening blogs, and there are plenty to choose from. In this post, we’ve listed our top 10 favourite gardening blogs to follow and why we love them. From vegetable gardening to blogs that cover the latest trends in gardening, you won’t be short of content to read on those days you can’t get in the garden.

1. The Wiliam James & Co Gardeners Blog

William James & Co is a UK garden supply company that regularly posts new updates to their blog covering everything to do with growing fruit and vegetables. One of the latest posts looks at the perfect gifts for allotment owners, while another covers what to grow in a polytunnel.

The company was founded in 1954 and are the leading fruit cage supplier in the UK! They certainly have some great content on their website and have a lot of knowledge about how to grow the best vegetables with the space you have. Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter while you’re checking out their posts.

2. The Middle-Sized Garden

If your garden is bigger than a courtyard but smaller than an acre, this gardening blog is for you! This Middle-Sized Garden blog has carved a great niche posting articles about how gardeners with smaller gardens can make the most of their space and still enjoy the benefits that come with having a larger garden.

Usefully they break down their content into categories, including ‘container gardening’ and ‘grow your own’. It makes finding the content you want to read really easy, and the posts are short and manageable while being packed with helpful tips.

Well stocked garden vegetable patch
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

3. Vertical Veg

The Vertical Veg gardening blog is all about growing food in small spaces and containers. There’s a great mix of posts suitable for gardeners of all abilities, from beginners to experts. One of the latest additions to their blog explores how Mark, the blog owner, grew £900 worth of vegetables on his balcony garden!

Mark’s blog has posts about vegetable gardening as well as growing flowers so it’s a great all-rounder if you’re looking to grow your gardening knowledge.

4. Gardener’s World

The Gardener’s World brand is well known by many gardeners in the UK and across the world. As well as publishing a magazine the Gardener’s World website is full of excellent articles with tips, advice and interviews with a range of experts and professionals.

Their list of gardening jobs are organised by month and is a very popular series of posts that is well worth bookmarking if you’re ever stuck for ideas in the slow-growing months. As well as talking about plants, they also cover important news and tips for helping garden wildlife like bugs and birds.

Colourful flowers
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

5. Grow Veg

Continuing with our multi-media theme, Grow Veg is taking a high tech approach to gardening and blogging with their Garden Planner app. The app allows you to plan your whole garden by adding in beds, planters and equipment like fruit cages, so you have a plan to work with before you start digging. It’s also really useful for keeping a note of your crop rotation plans.

Moving onto their gardening blog, the content spans everything from short and simple posts to complete gardening guides and videos. It’s a great place to explore and uncover new gardening tips from writers around the world. We highly recommend checking it out.

6. The Blooming Garden

The next gardening blog on our list is called The Blooming Garden, which has a vast archive of gardening blog posts dating back to November 2013. We love this blog because we’re transported into the gardening journey of Chloris as she gives us her musings and ideas from her garden in Suffolk.

One of our favourite posts talks about some of the best gardening books to borrow or buy. From Peter Beales‘s ‘ Visions of Roses’ to ‘Adventures of a Gardener’ by Peter Smithers, you’ll almost certainly find a new book to read as well as plenty of top-notch gardening blog posts!

7. Off The Edge Gardening

Off The Edge Gardening is run by Gill Heavens and is a great lifestyle and gardening blog in the UK. Started in 2014, the blog was originally called ‘On The Edge Gardening’ before being renamed to Off The Edge Gardening, which gave the blog a new direction and focus.

Gill shares plenty of amazing photos of her garden that will act as inspiration for your own gardening ideas. It’s not your traditional ‘how to’ gardening blog and is a good choice for those that want a bit of personality with their gardening content.

Only buy the gardening essentials you really need
Photo by Eco Warrior Princess on Unsplash

8. The Frustrated Gardener

Dan is The Frustrated Gardener. Frustrated because there aren’t enough hours in the day to prune, trim and perfect the garden! His blog is a great resource of gardening insights, fantastic imagery and updates from his trips to gardens across the country.

He has been featured on Gardener’s World and recently started a new initiative based on gardening projects. The first few posts cover container gardening and how to use pumpkins for your planting. We can’t wait to see what Dan comes up with next!

9. Garden Tapestry

The Garden Tapestry is one of the longest-running gardening blogs on this list, with a whole host of insightful and informative posts dating back to 2005! We’ve recently been loving their week of flowers posts which has been filling our feeds with colour and beauty.

Anna, the blog owner, also gives you insights into her own garden and garden process, which is excellent for uncovering new ways to do things and other little tips and tricks. Her blog is updated regularly, and it’s definitely one to watch for next year.

10. Jane Perrone

The final gardening blog on our list is by Jane Perrone. Jane has filled her website with a complete mix of content, from blog posts to videos and podcasts. There’s a lot of content to keep you busy which is why Jane’s blog has made our top 10 list.

Jane’s also releasing a book called ‘Legends of the Leaf’. It’s a homage to 25 of her favourite houseplants and looks at their history through to how you can look after them to get the best results. Her book is currently available for pre-order.

Wooden trug filled with freshly picked homegrown vegetables
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


Hopefully, our top 10 gardening blogs will give you enough content to keep you inspired this season and will help you discover some new and exciting ways to write about your own garden journey!

As always, do let us know what you think in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this article, give it a share on social media.


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